Chromehounds Achievement List Revealed

The achievement list has just been revealed and like many games it is long and will feature unlockable points in the story mode and also in the online world. In total there are 49 achievements totalling 1000 GamerPoints. Take a look at the full list below (please note there are seven scret achievements not present in the list).

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FamoAmo6210d ago

I thought there was going to be a Demo? Does anyone know when this might release or demo?

FamoAmo6210d ago

Anyone knoe when the dashboard is being updated??

darktangent6210d ago

There was a date floating around for May 23 but something delayed this for what was said a week so people were suspecting that it would be release sometime this past wednesday or thursday. With it being friday and M$ not releasing updates over the weekend because of possible glitches or bugs, it looks like we will have to suffer over the weekend and hope for something early next week.

Nodoze6209d ago

Am I alone, or is anyone else getting tired of having to click Read Full Story, Read Full Story, Story link!?!?

Why is there an extra link?

Additionally why can't comments be directly accessed?

Marriot VP6209d ago

I agree that's one of the little gripes i have

LightWarrior3936209d ago

Well from the looks of it the achievements won't be that hard to get, but then again I don't know never played the game, but for an example you get an achievement for just joining the battle with a certain chassis ok not hard at all. One makes me wonder if this is online/offline or both, but it's the Valor one that would be pretty cool if they did something like Conkers. If you haven't played that it's if you played for so long and killed this many guys you level up and get better abilities even though it's going to unfair against the new kids it still would be interesting. Well all in all this looks like it will be a great game. Just hope when they release the demo I can keep my word in saying it's going to be a great game.

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