The Darkness - First 25 minutes

This the first 25 minutes of the Darkness. This is what is believed to come in the retail version and contains spoilers. You've been warned. Enjoy.

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Silverwolf4188d ago

Can't wait till Tuesday.

Blackfrican4188d ago

It kind of reminds me of Pokemon Snap, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Luigi's Mansion all in one. IM SOLD!

Blackmoses4188d ago

damn that's long...but I'm still on the fence on this game

sony4life4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

i gave it out on here the other day. its 555-game. i got it from a friend that works at gamestop

edit: it unlocks the 2k darkling with a baseball bat and jersey

FordGTGuy4188d ago

an Gamestop unlockable jersey for your gremlins or something not sure. What I do know is that i'm really having a tough time choosing between this and OverLord. OverLord has 2 play co-op and multiplayer versus not to mention it looks and plays fun but this game also looks good and has been getting good ratings.

tony4188d ago

how can you? overlord is a piece of garbage and the darkness is a great game. oh, well probably the darkness could be too offensive for you. whatever you buy, enjoy.

egyptian_diarrhea4188d ago

this looks pretty good.Loved it. I wasn't expecting much from the other videos i've seen. But that intro is a blast. and it has mike patton doing the darkness voice, woot.i love him,in an heterosexual way.

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The story is too old to be commented.