NIMF: Manhunt 2 Delay is Victory

NIMF appears to be quite happy with the news."Take-Two's decision to temporarily suspend distribution of Manhunt 2 is a victory for parents and children," the statement reads. "Because of the their thoughtful decision to give Manhunt 2 its strongest rating, 'Adults Only,' the ESRB has sent a strong message to Take-Two and other game makers that they no longer can push the envelope on gratuitous violence in videogames. The ESRB showed real leadership in assigning this rating and further evidence it is making significant progress in keeping extremely violent and graphic materials out of children's hands."

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Boink4136d ago

a victory to those opposed to free speech anyway...

hopefully the re-do this game for the 360:D

bootsielon4136d ago

A victory to parents and children?? First of all, Children were NOT gonna be allowed to play this game in the first play; second, if parents are the ones allowed to buy it, why would they buy it to their children? That's the problem; they want to put the burden of responsibility on the game industry, specifically take-two and rockstar, when it is not their problem. This is a free market, and games are a form of freedom of speech. It's fiction-based entertainment. Anyone supposed to be allowed to play the game should know that; anyone comitting murder after playing it had serious issues to begin with, and would have been triggered otherwise, sooner or later.

Legionaire20054136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Sooner or later censorship will be a thing of the past. Parents can protect their kids from adult rated games by putting in a password so they can't play!!! Every game system has this and yet they ban Manhunt 2!!! The rating system doesn't even make any sense whatsoever it has glop holes!!! Movies of 2007 and beyond are also going to face a new form of censorship too. If a character in a movie smokes it is considered rated R now, which is ridiculous!!!! These Parent base companies don't know what the hell they are doing. The government can take advantage of parents by giving them Microchips called Radio Frequency Identification Chips, which can be implanted in everybody's arm as a tracking device so our government can spy on us 24/7. Parents would fall for such technology to limit their children freedom, because it is true that parents are concern about their children's safety from any dangerous situation. This is the highest form of censorship due to many things this technology could be use for. The R.F.I.D. Chips are due out in May 2008 under the Real I.D. Act. If you don't believe me do your own research on this and see the true nature of our own tyrannical government run by a few dominate men in power behind close doors. This is the truth you probably never heard of before. This government is Big Brother for a New American Century, and a New World Order. Before you bash me think about it and do your own research.

Rhezin4136d ago


i don't even own a Wii bought a woulda bought one because of this game WHY!!! those dam milfz0rs