City Of Heroes Ultra Mode Revealed

NCsoft has released images from City of Heroes' upcoming Issue 17: Dark Mirror, showing the long-awaited improved graphics for the game known as 'Ultra Mode'.

There are also details of Issue 17: Dark Mirror, the next free expansion for the superhero MMO.

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Maticus3663d ago

That's one hell of an improvement. Just hope my PC can cope >.<

DeepThought3663d ago

wow ive never seen something like that before, id like to see if my comp could handle it

Fyzzu3663d ago

I'm... not actually sure if I like that or not :/

Leord3663d ago

Interesting how they have done it. Must have taken hundreds of man hours to compile.

Malfurion3663d ago

What a jump! If only WoW did something like this >_>

catguykyou3663d ago

LOL, City of Heroes did this BECAUSE Wow did it. They implemented the same real time shadow system, new lighting. The only difference here is the new water effects they show in coh wont be in wow until Cataclysm comes out. Heck, the mode is even called Ultra, which was borrowed from other PC games such as far cry that did similar things.

catguykyou3663d ago

No reason to disagree. Wow put these effects (again except the water effect) with patch 3.1. What is the harm in saying this? Does it make the change to coh less good? It doesn't I was just correcting a statement that said wow needed to do this when it already has. That is all.

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