Bioshock 2: Visual Ups and Downs of the PC version

PCGH has assembled a gallery with screenshots of Bioshock 2 that reveal the visual highlights and drawbacks of the PC version. Apparently the game has low resolution textures in many places and several objects have been created with a low number of polygons only. On the positive side you have certain situations where the water looks very well and the animations of the characters and opponents are good, too.

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steve30x3667d ago

I have Bioshock 2 and it looks like an Xbox 360 port with bad graphics. I am hoping somebody does high res graphics for it because those low res graphics dont look right for a 2010 game.

toaster3666d ago

Of course! This is the PC you're talking about here. The first game had high-res skin packs and I'm sure BioShock 2 will be no different. But seriously, some of those textures are downright ugly to look at. Gameplay and storytelling seem rather good though.

meetajhu3666d ago

I just played the PC version which i got for cheaper. The games looks bad than the first one for no reason on the PC and identical to the consoles. But a excellent game thought. I love the atmosphere!

ATi_Elite3666d ago

It looks bad because it's nothing more than a gimped 360 port. Developers in their pursuit to make money are only hurting themselves in the long run.

Gamers are going to remember developers who made good games for their systems versus the ones that were lazy and just ported crap over.

Just ask EA about how it feels to make games for a year that don't sell because you get a bad rep.

peeps3666d ago

really enjoying it atm but the visual problems are annoying.

i guess having several teams around the world working on different parts doesn't help tho.

also wtf is with the mp, u can't change the graphics settings and have to play it in some horrible distorted resolution. basically it looks like crap.

like ppl are saying, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a 360 port, but even then the game doesn't even support the 360 controller!

Letros3666d ago

what the f#ck are up with the low res textures, seriously are consoles holding games back this much? The physics animations are still jerky as hell like Bioshock 1, low polygon counts on everything.

If the game wasn't so fun, I'd actually be disappointed.

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