Monster Hunter Tri~ Preview Event Details

Upon arrival fans were kept in a secret holding room where only the sound of monster roars could be heard before knights in armour led them into the lecture room where information about the European release was revealed exclusively by Ryozo Tsujomoto and Kaname Fujioka. After the lecture excited fans were whisked off to be amongst the first in the country to play the game and even had an opportunity to meet, have their photograph taken with and have their goody bags signed by the infamous Ryozo Tsujomoto.

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mjolliffe3665d ago

Certainly looking forward to this one XD

qface643664d ago

i would chose this game over most of the stuff coming out

its gonna be great to play this with other people online its what im looking forward to the most
i have been wanting to play with other people for the longest

Redempteur3664d ago

Fans are excited ..
well they better be ..
if this game flop ( it won't ) then something is wrong with gamers

ThanatosDMC3664d ago

Or they're waiting for it on their PSP where it was established.

A PS3 MH would be great.

Baka-akaB3664d ago

it was established on ps2 to begin with .

Besides , it was logicalto go on the wii . it's basically a mmo , you go where there would be the biggest amount of potential customers in both the east and the west .

I'm just not sure they should pretend they would keep it an exclusive . It was obvious another monster hunter or the same would be ported elsewhere .

SpoonyRedMage3664d ago

Who says Tri is going to the PSP?

By the time they're ready for a portable version the DS2 may be out. There's already rumours of it coming this year and it's obvious they have a partnership with Nintendo for Tri.

Not saying it won't but it's not a definite, even if they do a portable version(which would make sense).

ThanatosDMC3664d ago

I know it came out on the PS2 first but it's on the PSP in which it blossomed to a community.

DS2? I wonder how the controls are going to be. I hope it's more powerful than the PSP so PSP2 can come out sooner to compete.

Baka-akaB3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

i wouldnt be so sure about that , it always was huge be it on psp and ps2 . It just that the west only took notice , or had access to it with the psp version .

Anyway i dont think tri is coming on Psp ... or maybe anywhere . I bet they'll keep creation new monster titles for each platform instead , with the moniker hardly being important

Redempteur3664d ago

Monster hunter was already huge as a community on PS2 .

You don't make 3 games if there is no public for it ...

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3664d ago