Crysis Widet2: Map with High-End benchmark released

PCGH ran tests with a new user created high-end benchmark of Crysis. The Widet2 map looks impressive and even fast graphics card like the HD 5870 or the GTX 285 can - depending on the settings - run into problems with this new benchmark. There also are several screenshots that demonstrate the Widet2 map.

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Letros3670d ago

I like the setting, reminds me of a high tech Oblivion.

But so does this!

toaster3670d ago

Simply beautiful. And console folks get excited when a game runs at 30fps :P I guess the only thing that's bugging me is the texture on those trees..

Looks like they got a pretty beefy rig for that benchmark. A core i7 @ 3.5 Ghz with a hefty amount of RAM, might need an upgrade. I was finding a good reason to get a quad and now I have one :)

dirthurts3670d ago

I love high end benchmarks.

GamerPS3603670d ago

Dang, I am off to benchmark this puppy. 5970 here :D

champ213670d ago

let me know how the 5970 handles it. i got one onboard too :P dam beast lol

Lich1203670d ago

I have a 4870, it ran crysis well but i have a feeling this benchmark is gonna rape my face.

champ213670d ago

4870 is a good gpu it will still be way ahead of whatever consoles will be doing.

DiffusionE3670d ago

Anybody still thinking UC2 has better graphics?.......guess not.
(Yeah yeah, here comes the fanboys' disagrees.)

da305kratos3670d ago

lol yea yea j/k relax guys....probably give it a try though for kicks...