Examiner: Blood Bowl review

Examiner: "How much you'll enjoy Blood Bowl is entirely dependent on whether or not you're willing to learn how to play the game. If you're already intimate with the Living Rulebook 5.0's rule set, great. Blood Bowl is both a terrific recreation of the board game and a solid strategy, sports game. If you have no clue what that is, though, think long and hard before dropping $50 on Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl is a very hard game to learn, and even once you get a grasp for its rules and complex gameplay mechanics, the computer is so devious and cheap that livid frustration is often one poor dice roll away.

However, once you've invested the time to assemble your team and perfect your tactics, Blood Bowl becomes a lot more manageable and a lot more gratifying. If (and admittedly this is a big if) you can get past Blood Bowl's learning curve, a competent, strategy game awaits that will greatly please role-playing and tabletop gamers alike."

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