GamesRadar: Resonance of Fate – hands-on

GamesRadar writes: "Putting all of Resonance of Fate's new ideas into words is impossible, so we'll just say this: forget what you know about Japanese RPGs, because tri-ACE is changing the formula. For example, the overworld comprises dozens of floors, each with hundreds of hexagonal pieces, all encircling a giant tower. To navigate it, you earn jigsaw pieces to slot into greyed-out, impassable hexagons. Create a path to an elevator shaft and you'll be able to visit a new floor – but certain hexagons require specific jigsaw pieces, so you can't ignore your main job and live off side-quests for too long."

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mikepmcc3666d ago

Looks fairly interesting, really nice to see something stray from the formula.

Keith Olbermann3666d ago

this game looks really good. After watching the video on Qore, I think this is will be a day 1 purchase for me.

P.S. Buy Yakuza 3. I want Yakuza 4 to come to U.S. Thanks.