GameTrailers Episode 303 Promo

Kratos invades GTTV this week with brand new God of War III trailer, also exclusive new footage from Splinter Cell: Conviction and Amanda talks with PlayStation VP Kevin Butler!

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Bnet3433226d ago

I can't wait for this episode. I really like baseball and MLB 10 looks absolutely insanely realistic. I don't understand why MLB 09 didn't win Sports GOTY but people were telling me NHL 10 was equally impressive. Kevin Butler should be an interesting guest. I wonder what his gaming views are. Very nice episode, I look forward to this one.

offwhiteazn3226d ago

thursday night at 1230? wouldnt that be friday?

LordMarius3226d ago

Im only gonna watch the God of War and MLB 10 footage the rest will probably put me to sleep so I will change the channel

FamilyGuy3226d ago

But television never announces mid night times as morning because it isn't "morning". So they have to say Thursday night so people don't get confused.

Now what I missed was the time zone, should I assume pacific?

fishd3226d ago

A new God of War III trailer!
"Brotheeeer!It's been a long time"!!!

zack613226d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction + God of War 3 = WIN

lovestospoodge3226d ago

Question, will i be able to watch it here in london friday morning at 7:30?

anyways, IT WILL BE EPIC. just ordered ultimate trilogy yesterday on and now when i check, they aparently sold out. WOOT!