Rumor: GTA V will be announced at E3

PS3Clan writes: The last E3 exhibitors list got updates and guess whoes name is added to the list? Well, Take Two will be at the E3 as wel. This probably means that GTA V will be announced at the E3 which will be held from June to June 17 in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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TheHater3660d ago

"Time exclusive" content for the xbox 360 to also be announce if this is true. MS and Take 2 will say its "exclu$ive" to the Xbox 360 only for it to come out on the PS3 six months later.

-Alpha3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

At least I hope they did.

Also, looking at the report history it's clear this title is a bit misleading.

Jamegohanssj53660d ago

I'm expecting PS3 exclusive Vice City to be announced at E3.


saint_john_paul_ii3660d ago

Isnt R* North Developing Agent? i dont think it will be announced this year at all.

PirateThom3660d ago

Yep, it will be timed exclusive.

Microsoft's conference is always before Sony's, so Microsoft will announce it and pretend it's an exclusive and the confusion will be cleared up 24 hours later.

Disccordia3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I don't think they'll be any kind of exclusivity with this one.

GTA5 is 5+ years away. We may see one or two more GTA games based on a (probably modified) GTA4 engine based in another city a la Vice City and San Andreas but it won't be called GTA5. They may visit Carser City as that seems to get a mention quite a bit throughout the GTAs as well as being in Manhunt.. but probably they'll keep to the cycle of previous games and revisit Vice City again.

SuperM3660d ago

GTA V will most likely be announced just because Take Two will be at E3? What year didnt Take Two come to E3? I know Rockstar has skipped E3 but as far as i know Take Two havent. And We already know Rockstar will show off Agent at E3 so its a given that Take Two will be there anyway. Besides Take Two has several other games like Spec Ops: The line to show off.

darkmurder3660d ago

If true please visit Vice City again.

TheDudeAbides3660d ago

I hope they will show a teaser

Lifendz3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

"Guys, You already know we got those two episodes of downloadable content for GTA4 and I'm sure you've been enjoying it as much as I have. But I have some more good news for you."

* Enter a rep from Rockstar *

"GTA is a franchise that realized its success on a Sony platform. GTA became synonymous with Playstation. Well, we're pleased to announce that GTA will once more be exclusive to a Sony console. GTA V and two episodes of content will be exclusive to the PS3!"

N4G explodes.

sikbeta3660d ago

No Way, Agent is First so there is no time for GTAV

whoelse3660d ago

I don't think we will see any exclusivity. The 360 edition will probably have multiple discs, maybe one disc per big island.

Oh and it won't be 'GTA V'.

siyrobbo3660d ago

if agent hits this year, i expect the next gta to arrive 2011

2001 gta3
2002 gta vice city
2003 manhunt
2004 san andreas

if you count episodes as rockstars 2009 effort it would be

2008 gta4
2009 episodes
2010 agent
2011 gta next


zeeshan3660d ago

After GTA4, I am soooooooo not excited about the next iteration of GTA so MEH!!

ThanatosDMC3659d ago

It better be as great as San Andreas. GTA4 left all the character customization like making the fat or fit or super fit. I liked the "RPG" elements that San Andreas introduced especially seeing your life increase as you go through hours of nonstop fun.

BattleAxe3659d ago

They need to turn GTA into a FPS game then it would be awesome.

pimpmaster3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

hopelly its announed although its by R* so expect it to be delayed after its announced

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Bereaver3660d ago

The only reason why I believe this *could* be timed is that ps3 is getting Agent, so Microsoft wants something else. But, I still don't think it will be timed.

siyrobbo3660d ago

just because MS wants, doesn't mean they will get

I think that rockstar lost a lot of sales holding back the ps3 and pc versions

rob60213659d ago

Rockstar needs more room to make GTAV, the Housers have stated it one DVD isn't enough for it, and they want Microsoft to have a 'solution' for them. My guess is 3 disks, plus some way to install two of them to the hdd on 360.. or if that doesn't work PS3 exclusive(Sony would give them a hell of a deal too) Heck maybe they want to use 50gb?

They do not want their cash cow becoming stale, developers are really showing what can be done with ps3 exclusivity; and how it can bring a game above it's multi-platform brethren.

MGRogue20173660d ago

... or they might just want to showoff Red Dead Redemption

Roper3163660d ago

Red Dead comes out in April, so I doubt they will show a game at E3 that has already been released for a month or 2.

MA3LK3659d ago

They are more likely to be showing off Mafia 2 and LA Noire, and maybe some Bioshock 2 DLC

BYE3660d ago

That would make sense, regarding what Sam Houser said when GTA4 came out:

"I think that the 360 is going to have to get 'round this issue we're talking about...If we're filling up the disc right now, where are we going? It's not like our games are going to get any smaller."

y0haN3660d ago

The Houser brothers already said they are taking a break from GTA for a while.. they'll be doing other things before a new GTA.

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