Honest Gamers: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) Review

HG writes: "Early on, the Doctor has a calming presence and acts very respectfully towards you. However, as the sessions go on, he becomes confrontational and accusatory. He wears a sadistic smile as he asks you pointed questions about who you were in high school: whether you were a "slacker," or a "bully," or a "slut." Other questions are not always easy to answer, morally, and the Doctor smirks at you the entire time you deliberate, giving you the uncomfortable feeling that he's not really trying to help you so much as perversely getting off on your responses. One time, while answering an exam, I hesitated on whether or not I'd been faithful in my relationships. When I finally answered, the Doctor took the test from me and hemmed and hawed and then... then he paused and gave me a searching look. "Have you REALLY been unfaithful?"

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