Pokin' Around Global Agenda: IncGamers' MMO Weekly

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis finally get his hands on Global Agenda. Was it worth the wait?

"Mind you, this isn't IncGamers' official review of GA; far from it. These are just the impressions of a noob, who just got started with this game. However, I've played a very significant number of MMOs, and quite a few sci-fi MMOs over the years, and this game seems, so far, to be rather noteworthy."

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Maticus3667d ago

I've had an urge to go back and try this out after playing the beta. If was certainly fun, I can't argue with that.

Trouble is with these sort of games, you get people who are very very good, and if you're not to good (like me) you don't stand a chance if you end up face to face with them. It makes casual players a little redundant.

Leord3667d ago

Try to find friends to play with!

Fyzzu3667d ago

'kay, that might've convinced me to actually give this a try.

Leord3667d ago

This was well fun in beta. Think I'll try it out just a little. It's at least fast paced enough not to require anylong periods of time available!

Malfurion3667d ago

Had great fun playing this in beta, will be buying it once I've finished ME2.

Myst3667d ago

Okay so from the people posting above I suppose this game is worth a buy. I guess I'll be buying it next week then.

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