Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PS3 screens

A handful of new images straight from the PS3 version of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

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Crazyglues4139d ago

Well, well, well we finally get a real nice looking PS3 version. those screen shot's look amazing. It just shows that Rainbow Six could have been a lot better looking for PS3 if they had went the extra mile and put in the hard work needed to bring the graphics to the next level.

If they had done that, I would have bought the game again even though I already have the Xbox 360 version. -Which just looks amazing in HD.

PS3n3604139d ago

These graphics are not great at all. The hair looks plastic the dudes shirt is morphing out of his jacket jaggies all over the place No shadow under the police car, no textures on the clothing etc. and this isnt even in game. I know this isnt final build so I am not saying it wont get better but these shots are not very impressive at all. The game looks like a must have regardless though.

sonarus4139d ago

Please, the graphics arent impressive at all. I havnt seen xbox version to compare but as far as i can tell the graphics arent that great. The ps3 is capable of delivering far more than this

highps34139d ago

Game looks good so far.. Hope to see more at E3.

Rhezin4139d ago

^yup that's what happens when it goes to the ps3

KoolMan4139d ago

I was sad this game was only coming for 360 but this sure got me excited not only for the graphics but also it will be one more game to my ps3 library

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The story is too old to be commented.