‘Kane & Lynch: Dead Men’ Showed How Video Games Can Best Handle Violence

IO Interactive's 2007 game is deeply flawed, but it's still one of the boldest shooters of the past 15 years.

mafiahajeri2819d ago

All I know is that out of all the violent games, Manhunt got the worst rep because of asshats like jack Thompson who apparently had nothing better to do but talk crap about Rockstar and take-two which in turn pretty much killed the franchise because R* don't want to deal with that crap anymore...

Funny thing is I remember a while back a kid got stabbed to death in a park in the UK and it got out that the guy that killed the kid use to play Manhunt. The press went bonkers only for it to turn out that the kid who got stabbed was the one thay played Manhunt.

Goes to show how stupid the press are, went it comes to video games in general.

deadpoolio3162819d ago

um R* doesn't make them anymore because they were crap....they both would literally be on top 20 worst games lists

N0TaB0T2817d ago

Except you're a piece of garbage and an idiot. Also your avatar sucks ass get over it.

morganfell2819d ago

I have nothing but love for both the Kane and Lynch games. Non-generic memorable characters and neither were pretty inside or out. Human and gritty. And the co-op in the second was a blast. Really great weapons feel in K&L2. Too bad the movie never got made or considering who they were going to cast, maybe its a good thing.

DarkOcelet2819d ago

Dat ending though for the second one. It really came out of no where. I was like WTF? Thats it???

Heyxyz2819d ago

I don't care what people say, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was awesome.

Yui_Suzumiya2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I love Kane and Lynch. The one series where I enjoy playing as a scumbag. I don't care for Hitman (wayyy to difficult) so I wish IO would do the correct thing and make a third game to wrap up the series (especially after the cliffhanger the second left on).

NarooN2819d ago

I love both of the games and it's a shame Squeenix basically canned the series after those layoffs happened. The 2nd game did better with user scores than it did "critically". Now I'll never know how the cliffhanger ending of the second game would be resolved.

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