GameTrailers: Dante's Inferno Review

Is Dante's adventure a pleasure cruise through Hell, or is it cursed to endless suffering?

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Ninji3659d ago

I'll be getting the superior God of War 3 instead.

Homicide3659d ago

After playing the snooze fest Dante's Inferno demo, God of War 3 will be a godsend (no pun intended).

Elven63659d ago

Didn't like the demo much either, doesn't reflect well especially after the PR stunts.

Think I might just pick up Darksiders to hold me over till March, and probably Bayonetta as well.

Winter47th3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

So much for the "gO to HeLLz!!1!" marketing campaign. Glad it's over, it was starting to be quite tasteless, now someone should fire the ad department.

ico923659d ago

the review sounded like a 5.0

ABizzel13659d ago

It's really a shame. I would have at least expected this game to be a 8/10, but it's plagued by bad graphics, cheap deaths, constant swarms of enemies, bad puzzles, and poor scripting and pacing (in later levels).

I'll still rent it, but it seems Bayonetta was the only good hack and slash worth buying until God of War 3. I liked Darksiders, but I get gamer fatigue trying to play it (maybe I need to have shorter gaming sessions). And if I decide to pick it up I'll have to get Darksiders on my PS3 since it's the better version, which means I have to start over, because I rented it on my 360 :(

bacon133659d ago

Will wait for the summer bargain bin for the mediocrity that is Dante's Inferno.

darthv723659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I'll pick up the psp version. I liked the demo on ps3 and even though it is no GoW3 it was still fun. I don't know of any other similar games coming for the psp so I will be getting that version at least. Beat chains of olympus a few times already and need a new hack/slash game.

Curious about something though. Was it the press hyping this game to be a god of war killer (like the days of the "halo" killer) or was it gamers doing that?

Red Panda3659d ago

I was a little disappointed with the demo too but for those of you praising bayonetta, you need to be kicked in the ass. Sure, lets pose and do runway walks while we shoot stupid looking guns. Lets use the power of our hair to fight off giant creatures. Because we all know they cant resist a full head of hair that is soft, smooth, and shines from within. Lets give the dude from devil may cry a vagina and call it a new game. DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jellybalboa3659d ago

i couldnt give an excrement, i need this game, i am fiending for it!!!!!!hack and slash all day baby

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RedPawn3659d ago

You know the more people up the hype about God of War the more your expectations can be drowned. I will be picking up the UE day one, and I know how Uncharted 2 is unrivaled in action, but let GoW 3 be itself. Last time I checked going through the different depictions of Kratos Hell was not all that great. When Dante's Inferno says God of War on the box, cool then, but damn let it be. At least we're getting a fast, crisp moving fluid moving action game, and EA has finally woken back up. At least they're not turning this into a certain racing game debockle.

erathaol3659d ago

"fast, crisp moving fluid moving action game"

You didn't watch the review did you? Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden (Sigma) II and Darksiders all say hi by the way. Kratos will join them come this March.


RamiHixxy3659d ago

Yea GOW3 will piss and put diarrhea all over this game....

GOW3 killer.... my A$$ bots.

Dutch Boogie3659d ago

lol @ delusional bots. Gonna have to wait longer for a decent GOW clone. Sub par game for a sub par console (360).

-MD-3659d ago

It's on the PS3 too champ.

hatchimatchi3659d ago

[email protected] disagrees for saying it's on the ps3.

funny stuff

alphakennybody3659d ago

what's your point? Ps3 is the home of the superior game ,God Of War 3.

Mo0eY3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

@Murderdolls, this is EA games. Of course they are going to make a multiplatform game. If they didn't have the 360 to gimp the game up left and right, then we'd be seeing a true God of War competitor, and it'd be even more funny because bots wouldn't have anything to imagine themselves as Kratos. But that's not the case: the 360 gimped in, and the gaming community was handed another shoddy, sloppy game.

Fvcking 360.

Bloodraid3658d ago

Dante's Inferno is actually pretty good. I seriously don't see why it's getting such horrible reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.