Diehard GameFAN: 5-in-1 Solitaire Review

5-in-1 Solitaire is a fun game to be sure, but it suffers from two big problems. The first is that you can generally get this game for free on any standard computer. The second is that you can get the exact same game for your DSi for only $2 instead of paying $5 for the WiiWare version. Both of these issues should keep anyone with the slightest degree of rational thinking from buying this.

However, if you absolutely love Solitaire there are two versions of the game you usually can't find on a computer, which are Golf and Gaps. Golf is a lot of fun, while Gaps is just stupid. If you want to pay a dollar per Solitaire mode, it's not an awful deal – just an illogical ones for the reasons stated

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