Review: Transformers for the PSP

Do you remember the 80's? Certain unique cartoons came out during that time and one particular one showed the possibilities of robots in disguise. These soldiers came to earth battling a long war that spread over the universe. Now the battle comes to Earth with the mission on destroying all things and others trying to save it. From Trucks to Boom Boxes even animals, these beings showed us that anything can transform into a Robotic warriors. Now a little over two decades later Transformers arrives to the big screen as a live action movie, however with a movie must come the movie game.

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Diselage4138d ago

Some what of an odd review when no score is given to it. No 4 out of 5, nothing.

I know this is a PSP game but i kinda expect the graphics to be a big better, it seems blocky compared to most other PSP titles.

coldwar4138d ago

If you read the article properly it's in there. He said 2 out of 5.

KoolMan4138d ago

is weird theres no score after all, but Im gona try this game on my ps3 no matter what, ill rent it as soon as i can

sumfood4u4138d ago

play as either Auto-mis-crap, or Mega-trash! This game will transform into garbage same time the movie does! Auto-bots Roll Out!