PS3 Vs 360 Star Ocean 4 Product Version Comparison

When you try to update continuously on the condition, and tired on the way a slovenly is.

Is the comparison of Star Ocean 4. PS3 version is an international version.

PS3 set to full range of HDMI, as for 360 image quality of HDMI is set to the maximum.

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Saaking3763d ago

Seriously SE sucks. I miss Squaresoft. They didn't gimp games and sought to deliver the best.

OpenGL3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Both versions are amongst the worst looking games on their respective platforms. The people who enjoyed this title on the 360 or were looking forward to the PS3 version likely don't care about the graphics anyways.

Traveler3763d ago

Neither version looks great, but it is true that the PS3 version looks worse.

erathaol3763d ago

Ugh, that looks bad. No wonder they stopped trying to port Last Remnant over to the PS3, Square-Enix just sucks at it. FFXIII is pretty bad by JRPG standards as well but at least that's beautiful to look at.

jkhan3763d ago

Is that a PS1 game. I mean seriously FF-XII looked a million times better then this.

A Cupcake for Gabe3763d ago

I saw the friggin' 1080p HD trailer on my PS3 and it looks nothing like this. These are gimped ass scans just to piss the fanboys. I don't know if the PS3 will turn out better in the end. But everything I have seen is far better than the 360 version. So this website can eat one.

starchild3763d ago

Um yeah.. those Japanese website sure are known for favoring the Xbox 360, that's why the 360 version looks better./s

bjornbear3763d ago

no one's going to buy it on the 360 anyway

Godmars2903763d ago

Dude seriously, its already out on the 360. For some time now.

And to everyone else, for what little its worth, the PS3 version is coming with extra content and extra characters. Even if someone can find fault nothing is going to change that.

7ero H3LL3763d ago

I think the decrease in resolution would be enough to turn many away. If it was enough to turn many gamers from when the news broke out on N4G, it's would still be just as effective if not even more now.

The Maxx3763d ago

Research before you comment.

Star Ocean 4 was released a year ago on the 360.

Anyways, it was an ok game on the 360. I really had a hard time listening to the voice/character who you spoke with when trying to create a new invention.

likedamaster3763d ago


All other things aside, I do notice the hair/eye color stand out on PS3 version but missing hair shadow on face that is shown on 360's. Looks almost identical, besides some strange blur on ps3 version on some of the pics.

DaTruth3763d ago

Nobody bought it on 360 and nobody is going to.

FamilyGuy3763d ago

But that won't stop the PS3s year old port from dwarfing the current sales of the 360 version. Playstation has the jrpg fanbase and hopefully the sales of this year old port will remind the developers of that so the PS3 gets to be the lead platform from here on out.

I saw the trailer off PSN and it definitely looks good enough to me. I've already pre-ordered and I'm sure many others have too.

ThanatosDMC3763d ago

Either way... the main character, Edge, still looks like he has no testicles. I'm still buying it though cuz i got addicted to Star Ocean. It's great that most dialogue will be voiced and they added an insane amount of content compared to last years version.

This is a lame port. They let it become blurry instead of using AA properly.

Dev8 ing3763d ago

Jack's links show not much difference between the two games besides better lighting on the PS3 version. The 360 version seems a little too bright. Not really anything that really matters. But extra content is what does matter.

SaberEdge3763d ago

There is no difference in the lighting that I can see. The only noticeable difference I see is that the PS3 version sometimes looks more blurry.

blind-reaper3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

hey N4PS3G 480x270 pictures RULES!!! low res pictures are awesome for high res games comparissons.

Ravage273763d ago

This was pretty much what i expected when i found out that there are no plans to improve on the sub-HD resolutions.

No one can deny the fact that the International version is the superior version though.
-no need to keep swapping disc when changing location
-Jap VO option ftw, the english dub is god awful
-improved gameplay e.g.targeting control

Swiftfox3763d ago

Um...about the comparisons...

Isn't it true that the Xbox 360 version of the game had 3d rendered character portaits not the traditional 2D anime? I was led to believe that the 2d anime portaits were exclusive to the PS3 international version.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

TheGrimReaper3763d ago

The japanese version had 2D avatars. The 3D avatars were a design decision for the western market.

NinjaAssassin3763d ago

the 360 one looks a little more detailed. the ps3 one looks more blurry.

vhero3763d ago

those ps3 shots are FAKE so stop showing them. They are 360 shots photoshopped. Either way you can bet the PS3 version won't be plagued with the same problems the 360 version has like the slowdowns.

slayorofgods3762d ago

I think I will wait for a IGN review before jumping to conclusions about the game comparisons. There are too many websites out there that don't give credible info.

raztad3762d ago

Is this a Tri-Ace job? or internal SE? I wonder because Tri-Ace is developing Resonance of Fate.

eliasg3762d ago

ps3 version looks like a video game from the 90s...

ps3 game is over...

Digitaldude3762d ago

WTF why does the PS3 version look worse???

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Ninji3763d ago

Especially since it's all one 1 disc, you'll be able to avoid the crappy English voice acting by using Japanese voices (too bad you can do this on that flopped FF13 game), on top of numerous other improvements.

N4PS3G3763d ago

It's so better it looks worse :D

The awesomeness is mind blowing!

It's shaping to be phenomenal by looking at the scores it's definitely the improvement gamers have been waiting in this vasty superior looking and rated version


Ninji3763d ago

You're still butthurt I see.

LuHawk273763d ago

LoL that fool Ninji has to lie to himself like a b!tch just to feel better.

Cletus3763d ago

Both versions look like an old-school cowpie!

RedDragan3762d ago

Worst translation ever...

It was almost as bad as the 360's jaggies cyan!

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Nitrowolf23763d ago

i can honestly say that the ps3 version looks more blurry, SE what a [email protected] port,

RedDragan3762d ago

The PS3 version does look alot blurrier, but the PS3 version lighting is far superior. The rain forest comparison shows how much better it is in that respect... both sharpness for 360 and realistic lighting for PS3

MGSR THE HD VERSION3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

yes, it seems the guys who confirmed the resolution for the 360 version has just now confirmed the resolution of the ps3 version.

(non battle mode)
the ps3 version runs at 1024x720p = 737,280 pixels

360's version is 1248x704p = 878,592 pixels

ps3 is 141,312 pixels less.

@ below

....and your sources are?

Karooo3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

starocean was 520p on 360 it was on of the lowest resolution games on the 360, it is upcscaled to 720p.

Both the versions are native 520p and upscaled, get your facts right.


Everyone knows that, it even says in the link you provided, 512 vertical lines blown up to 720p check this out as well

Parapraxis3763d ago

Apparently him and the kids in here creaming themselves over these pics are completely ignorant of this bit:
"PS3 set to full range of HDMI, as for 360 image quality of HDMI is set to the maximum."
Meaning the PS3 will go to 720p as all resolutions are checked and 1080p is not being forced, like it is on the 360.
The game in it's native resolution on each respective console runs at a higher resolution on the PS3.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

@ 3.1're pointing out battle mode.

"Both the versions are native 520p"

for a moment i thought it was 1080p, i guess people have now expected less of this game.

@ 3.2 - "Apparently him and the kids in here creaming themselves over these pics"

don't play innocent, people were creaming them selves over this.

lolz, hmmmm i wonder what am i going to do with this now?

lolz, it should be known 360 to ps3 ports suck, and the best bet for a developer in that situation is to just add more useless content to make it look like a steel.

ThanatosDMC3763d ago

Star Ocean was never about graphics, story, plot progression, memorable characters but the combat. I played SO1 and SO2 and all i wanted to do is kill enemies, get a lot of money for armor and weapons and healing items, and kill bosses.

vhero3763d ago

@MGSR THE HD VERSION do you ever get tired of being a fanboy and making this crap up? enjoy your bubbles while they last as you will need a new account soon enough.

RedDragan3762d ago


You are linking to a forum member as proof?



pixelsword3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

It was considerably less graphics on the PS3 version from a technical standpoint, but it looked better than the 360 version because of the PS3's hardware.

Besides, I'm kinda skeptical about this site: I just heard of it, (I think it's a website, but I thought it was a site provider, so what's up with that?) and the translator is broken now, so I can't see the site.

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-MD-3763d ago

Coulda just bought the game a year ago and not waited for such slop.

presto7173763d ago

After such a long time, you would expect the later version to be better. But its worse....


Godmars2903763d ago

I'll wait until I finish WKC, not matter how bad it is, before I get this game. Thank you very much.