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The game receives an extra boost with a very solid online experience, a New Game+ option, and a pretty deep Georama system. With the word going around that DLC will be coming in the form of more online quests and parts for your Hometown, White Knight Chronicles should have very strong legs beyond the single player campaign. This RPG won't wow you with graphics or story but what it will do is provide a good solid experience with an online that should remain populated for a while.

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callahan093671d ago

First review of this game that I've read that seems to fall in line with my view of the game. I don't always agree with PSLifeStyle's reviews, but I definitely endorse their commentary on this game. WKC is an awesome and addictive game and I'm finding it shocking how completely nitpicky the majority of reviews have been, how inconsistent with other RPG reviews from this generation, and how completely ignorant to the positive qualities that it does possess.

Lifewish3671d ago

yea this game is completely addictive.

fr3d03671d ago

and I like the graphics, I in fact was wowed serveral times by the environments. Great looking environments. Character models are average. Monsters are very well done.

I've played star ocean and wkc and wkc is a better game. When you enter any location like a house or whatever there is no load time. This is HUGE to me, little attention to detail like this.

The online interface Geonet got a lot of flack in reviews, again why do people complain about something that works, is fun, and is free? I could understand whining about phantasy star online and xbox live double fees but wtf if its free?

Really one of the only accurate points I've read thus far is that the game starts off slow and grows on you.

I've also read whining about pop-in and draw distance, I'm not sure where that comes from, the game has far less pop-in than assasin's creed 2 (great game), and the draw distance is excellent as far as I've seen. The environments are the strong point of the graphics.

8/10 is the lowest this game should be getting.

Halo3 MLG Pro3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Gotta love those fanboys sites giving high ratings to crap games. Major gaming publications have spoken and this game is currently rated at a dismal 62%.

fr3d03671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

The irony of the most loud and proud fanboy on n4g whining about fanboy publications, excellence

For you:

hatchimatchi3671d ago

you're not too smart you know that?

Going around and trolling the WKC review stories.

The only people hyping this game were the ps3 fanboys that were using the argument that it's a ps3 exclusive, therefore it must be gold...

The people actually interested in the game, the JRPG fanbase, had already done research and the research showed that the game wasn't extremely well received in japan when it was first released back in 2008. The people interested in the game were aware of the complaints and were also aware that the game probably wasn't going to be well received. The thing we didn't expect though was reviewers to nit-pick a game and compare it to other titles that have no business being compared to. A jrpg and wrpg are polar opposites and should be viewed as such. WKC has been treated unfairly and that is the truth. I can understand if someone doesn't enjoy the gameplay but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. I don't enjoy RTS games, does it mean they are bad games? No, it means I don't enjoy the gameplay. Simple as that.

The game is out now and the people who have bought the game have spoken. Lots of people say the game is very cliche and flawed in some areas and loads of others, including myself, absolutely love the game and find it to be an extremely fun and refreshing experience.

So once again, the jrpg fans were not the ones hyping this game to no end. These are also the same people who own a 360 in order to play the jrpg exclusive titles. Also, it's easy to notice that there are no ps3 fanboys around these parts when it's concerns WKC, why? They didn't plan on buying the game to begin with, all they were doing was using the exclusivity of WKC to fuel the never ending nonsense that is the fan boy war.

Go troll somewhere else.

Shendow3671d ago

Its not a shock, he is waiting for Halo Reach, because that is the only good 360 title that isn't on PC. So he just sits around an talks smack about PS3 only games, because he hasn't got his Halo yet.

Halo Noob is what his really level of skill is.

Lifewish3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Halo3 MLG Pro, have you actually played White Knight Chronicles yourself to be able to say its a crap game? Or are you just spewing fanboy crap?

If you check most of the major publications reviews, they did not include the online in their review and the online is one of the biggest selling points of the game

Shendow3671d ago

Yeah, most of them are base on the story and the battle system, to me I look at games on what they have to offer and then judge on how good it looks and all.

Borderlands doesn't look good as what it was going to an look at it, its fun and funny. The game is a blast an I got all the trophies for it (Not counting the add on ones).

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JonnyBigBoss3671d ago

Great game and a great score.

hatchimatchi3671d ago

That's a really good review.

Not because of the score but because the author actually explains what the game is about and it's obvious he knows how to play the game and doesn't get upset that it isn't something that it's not(wrpg). It's a shame other sites were in such a rush to release reviews that they skimmed over the online portion. I think it was IGN who called the town building aspect a "mini game."

That right there isn't only flat out wrong but just plain lazy as a paid reviewer to see such an in depth mechanic in an online game and to label it a mini game.

Oh well, I really enjoy the game and I can only hope that level 5 and Sony will localize the sequel outside of japan.

ThePlaystation3guy3671d ago

Cameron is a HUGE RPG fan and knows what he is talking about. His review is solid!

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