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Lens of Truth writes - "While this review is a bit late, there is a promising sequel on the horizon. It is time to put this JRPG under the lense and see just what direction this series is headed in. With a lack of good JRPGs in this generation compared to the ones in the past (as this seems to be the generation of WRPGs), this game is worth looking into and should make for an interesting review."

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gravemaker3968d ago

hmm... too late for review, dont they think?

dangert123968d ago

It is never too late
got a ps3 last yr
Ratchet and clank
resistances games
where all purchased after reviews
i looked at

Istanbull3968d ago

WKC2 is coming may 2011 btw! Cant wait!

jadenkorri3968d ago

its never to late to start a flamebait war of fanboys, of a certain breed, that leans towards one object over another.

dkgshiz3968d ago

"While this review is a bit late" A bit late? Good lord! This game came out 1 year and one month ago.

TheDivine3968d ago

I was really dissapointed with this game. Level 5 usually does amazing work but this was really lackluster. What ruined it was the combat. If it was iether turn based or realtime it wouldve been better, the mix was bad. It was way too slow and the story wasnt interesting. The sequal looks way better though, i might as well finish it.

dkgshiz3968d ago

Meh, I liked it. Not the greatest but much better then anything SE has come out with this entire gen.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

True. I was hoping for a Dragonquest experience but all I got was a short campaign with questionable choices. I liked creating my own combos but I rarely got to use them. Earning the points it took to use some of my more spectacular ones (and even some of the less spectacular) took too long. And since using the knight exhausted those points I usually just ended up saving all of them until boss battles. Just using that one hit slash every 15 seconds got old.

Redempteur3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

it seems everything you cited was fixed for the sequel ...

campaign is longer as you have the rest of the story.
You can use combos more since they don't overuse AC points anymore ( just MP ).

Also battles are faster now .

Deeloc3968d ago

when is whiteknight 2 coming to the states

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