Bad Company 2 server admin panel explained

Bad Company 2 programmer Mikael Kalms has added provided details on the server administration panel for Bad Company 2.

Dice is only creating an interface with the basic commands and leaves creating user friendly tools to the community.

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tdrules3667d ago

very nice copy and pasting there...

Achilles_nl3667d ago

Yes the content contains the same information as the source as you will have with any kind of news. There wasnt much more to add. It is not a simple copy/paste job though, at least imho :)

bozebo3667d ago

sounds like good news. But it is worrying that they belive the community are better at making the end-user admin interface than they would be - infact this is true, but no developer should admit that ^_^

Just look at how perfect a cs:s or cod4 server can be if the admins know what they are doing and have the right admin tools set up correctly.