Gamezone: Walk it Out Review

Walk It Out targets lazy people who enjoy playing video games but instead of spending the money to purchase this game, you can partake in the exact same thing by leaving the house and walking around the neighborhood for FREE. This game has a decent concept, but without any real variation and the control issues, it doesn't travel far.

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Kyrwolf3661d ago

Tired of these types of games. What ever happened to just getting outside and indulging in some real activities?

Caspel3661d ago

I'd rather walk outside and enjoy the weather.

athmaus3661d ago

I wife was laughing about the entire premise of this game, especially when it was loaded for the first time

DarkBlade46583661d ago

Yea, I'm all for people getting out and doing activities outside...just leave me playing on the couch =P

mistermostyn3661d ago

Meh. Fitness, schmitness. Tis nothing but a fad, I tell you.