Rebellion apologizes for Alien vs Predator demo issues on PC and PS3

Last week's Alien vs Predator demo was one of the most-talked about subjects. However, although the Xbox 360 version had no issues, PS3 and PC owners were out of luck with numerous matchmaking connecting issues. Even worse, it looks like the PS3 issues could be "ongoing."

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Hellsvacancy3667d ago

"were hugely gratified by the positive feedback to the game" from wot ive been told (from people who hav the game) its crap anyway

Im not even gonnan bother rentin it

iTZKooPA3667d ago

It isn't out for another week, how exactly do they have a legitimate copy already to be so well informed?

Hellsvacancy3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Coz like ALL 360 games they get leaked and my stoner buddy has a modded 360 :-P

I also played a little Bioshock 2 which i thought was pooh

cactuschef3667d ago

Yeah I've heard its not too good either, but Ill definitely give it a try. The first one was awesome though.

ASSASSYN 36o3667d ago

Given the way you type (unintelligibly) I am sure YOU DO have a stoner buddy.

guitarded773667d ago

I downloaded it on my PS3 and had this issue... over a gig and didn't get to play it once. I deleted it today before reading this article. I guess I'll download it to the 360 and give it a go... I'm not evpecting much so I hope I'm surprised.

SilentNegotiator3667d ago

Other than the horrific lag, of course.

-MD-3667d ago

Did you actually play it? I played 3 matches and didn't lag at all.

Maybe your connection just sucks.

Pistolero3667d ago

I did not experience any lag in the 360 version.

Blaze9293667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

who lied to them? Took ages one night to find matches. That was the only problem - the matchmaking.

darkmurder3667d ago

The demo just represents a sorry game - Rebellion:"Err sorry its all good i mean the real game is perfect dont worry!!!! oh god what are we going to do!"

Traveler3667d ago

I didn't think it was that bad. Why are so many people hating on it?
It might not end up being great, but it wasn't horrible by any means.

A Cupcake for Gabe3667d ago

Demo was terrible. I went from wanting to wanting to borrow it from a guy who stole it from a guy who rented it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3667d ago

There is no lag on the 360 version stop trying to downplay.

ThanatosDMC3667d ago

Yeah, i was disappointed when i finished downloading it on my PS3. Then i tried it on the PC. Same problem. Also, graphics are terrible compared to the trailers. This had better be an earlier build!

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I3667d ago

Odd....they shot themselves in the foot with this garbage. Tried numerous times to attempt to have a look and have yet to make it into even one game. No rent, no buy. Why in the hell did they not make a single player demo instead of online, the army of two 40th day online demo reassured me that I would not purchase....perhaps they could have lured more people with at least a glimpse of a non-broken feature seeing as how it is this close to release. HERES AN IDEA DEVELOPERS, COMPLETELY FINISH YOUR GAME AND ENSURE IT WORKS PRIOR TO RELEASING IT. Its a shame that todays tech, and peoples attitudes that they will release a broken product and patch it as they go and people still throw money at them. (Socom/OP Flashpoint Dragon Rising)

ProjectVulcan3667d ago

What really gets my goat is that there is no DX11 implementation in the PC demo. WHY??? Effectively, the top graphics options are locked in the demo. This happens to some demos and it completely mystifies me!

So you are using a demo as a showpiece to make people want to buy the game, and yet you prevent the game from looking its very best? What the fooo....

TehCell3667d ago

lolololo go xbox lolololoooooo

redsquad3667d ago

I'm so happy that the demo of a 5 out of 10 game excites you so much.

TehCell3667d ago

When did I ever say this game excites me?
I said "go xbox".
not "go avp demo".
Im sure you feel stupid right about now.

Go play Heavy Rain Demo, you troll.

Pistolero3667d ago


Yeah but when a ps3 game gets a 5 out 10 all the ps3 fanboys claim it is still a really good white knight where is that attitude now?

onanie3666d ago

A few PS3 users do not speak for all. You are certainly quick to generalise though, and no, that is not a characteristic of the intelligent.

For your reference, in case you are about to hit the reply button and ask, I have not played WKC, and thus have yet to form my own opinion about it.

redsquad3666d ago

Not interesting in WKC, never have been and have never mentioned it. Feel free to trawl through my history and find that out for yourself
(preferably BEFORE the glib putdown next time).

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finbars753667d ago

Another game down the drain.Must be a record or something.3 games in a year.Ouch that must hurt.Say goodbye to rebellion im sure they will go under on this one.I preorderd alien vs predator but after all the issues with the demo whats to say this wont happens when the game is released.I had high hopes for this one but not now and i cancelled my preorder and put it towards a game that im guranteed will work.

edwineverready3667d ago

it forwards me to a other site. anybody have the same problem.

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