Mario Kart DS for Under $28

Amazon recently discounted Mario Kart DS for Nintendo DS to $27.99. That's $12 off retail and with free shipping the best total price for this Nintendo DS game by $2.

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XxRoosterxX3667d ago

holy smokes!!! a 5 year old mario kart game for $28!!! I'm so there!!!!

Bnet3433667d ago

LMFAO!!! Dude I seriously laughed my ass off when I read your comment. This has to be the funniest deal ever. Mario Kart DS gets lowered by $2. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! This game is so old, it was released before anyone even knew the DS Lite was coming out. Oh man what great laughter.

tyrok3k3667d ago

This game is normally $35 (not the MSRP of $40) and has never needed a price drop after selling 17+ million copies. At $28 it's an okay discount but not newsworthy.

SeriousHashBrown3667d ago

do they still have player choice for nintendo games? actually i remember them from GC era, but havent seen them for wii or ds...

y0haN3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Q: Why is this news?
A: Referral link / blog spam.

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