OXCGN: Mass Effect 2: The Dark Side- Extensive Critical Review & Comparison

OXCGN writes: "By now you've read all the glowing reviews of Mass Effect 2, seen the praise showered on it and perhaps even played it yourself. I'm not going to tell you again what countless other reviewers have said. If you want read love letters to Bioware you can see the reviews from almost every other site on Metacritic.

Instead, I thought I'd try something different: I'm going to play the critic, dealing in criticism and nothing else. Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece of narrative, character design and gameplay, but like any game it's not perfect."

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gaminoz3665d ago

There is a score for this, even though it looks at 10 negative things about the game: 9.5/10- You might want to put that in the section above.

Immortal Kaim3665d ago

Yeah great score. Why isn't it put up on N4G?

XboxOZ3603665d ago

Love this game, and how well they did the both platforms rather than try and make one to fit all . . .

The write up clearly shows how well they did both the PC and the 360 version . . shame there will be no PS3 version, as Bioware were asked again last week, and they said flatly that there was no PS3 version in the works - period.

When you check out the PC v's 360 images, there's bugger all in them really, and for the money, the 360 version is the best way to go in my book, unless of course you have a decent rig naturally.

The game looks absolutely brilliant, and from what Alex says, it plays just as good as it looks. Shame that there's so many great games around these days, we're spoilt for choice really.

Immortal Kaim3665d ago

Actually the score is 9.5 according to the website...

gaminoz3665d ago

I liked the approach...tried to come up with 10 bad things about the game but faltered there at the

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