Heavy Rain nudity shows 'fragility, vulnerability'

CVG: Heavy Rain mastermind David Cage has defended the decision to have Madison get naked in the game - claiming it allows players to develop a more intimate knowledge of the character.

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nogolis4089d ago

Lame... Basically, he's pull out all the stops to draw attention and controversy to his game in hopes it brings in more sales. Let's face it, a game that has no gameplay isn't going to make a huge splash on consoles you want to play games on. If this were on the PC it "might" have an audience... Everyone has a PC and low enough specs to run this low end game. Point and click games thrive in the Pc market... Heavy Rain should've been a PC exclusive.

PS3 owners are going to shun this one... Wait and see. 1st week sales 70,000. And it only goes down hill from there. This game won't sell 250,000 life time. Wait and see. Wait and see.

The only ones excited for this game are the most vocal... They are a few and small number too.

JTX4089d ago

Your more vocal about the game than the people who actually want to play it are. I don't like Halo so I ignore it....not go into every thread about it and say how much it sucks.

Trebius4089d ago

I sort of feel bad for him, not having a life and all...

I just finished the first part of the demo for the 5th time, the fight scene is GREAT.

I stood up and I got EXCITED like never before in a game!

It was so INTENSE!

lol. I felt like a little kid almost, when I finished the scene I was like YESSSS!! SUCK IT MUTHERFKCER!!!!! YESSS!!!! lol

I was so excited.

I cant wait for this game.

infamousinfolite4088d ago

Ok I see you and if sales come out more than that I'm bringing your comment back to you lol

Shane Kim4088d ago

Like that's gonna change anything. Do as I do and press the ignore button. That bot is just a waste of time and energy.

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Hanif-8764089d ago

This game is nothing less than a masterpiece :-)

-Alpha4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

In all honesty though, if other games can depict sexuality in a condescending manner and with no other purpose than to adhere to the "sex sells" principle I see no problem with sexuality being depicted in an artistic manner.


Exactly. Video games are seen as immature and something kids do. It's somewhat true though, but that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyed by a diversity of people.

The only thing shocking about Heavy Rain is that it uses sex in the same way movies, books, and television does-- hell, maybe in a more sensible manner than other forms of entertainment.

Anyways, I haven't seen too much controversy over Heavy Rain lately, though I wonder what will happen once the game is released.

Blaze9294089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

why does someone always have to defend sex in an M rated game. Ulgh I can't wait for the day the videogame industry matures in the eyes of others...if that ever happens.

Never have to defend sex in movies, music, television, books...just videogames.

presto7174089d ago

I do however care about just how awesome with the two burglars is!!! Even some fully fledged movies are not as cinematic as that.

Awesome sauce. PS3 awesome sauce.

sikbeta4089d ago

BøøBs FTW!!! lol

This Game will be Awesome, Don't care if it contains Nudity, don't care if the characters don't have a gun all the time, don't care if the game has QTEs, don't care if I need to hold the R2 button in order to walk ( The story is what I want to experience and I know DC made an Great job and he didn't f*cked up like with Indigo/F

Gamers FTW!!!

badz1494089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

aside from the gorgeous graphic, the game itself is engagingly deep! nudity is there or not, I think the game itself is going to be AWESOME!!

GameGambits4089d ago

It's all about context and tying it into the gameplay/character development.

Heavy Rain lets you take a shower to see boobs. This does NOT develop Madisons persona. This DOES NOT tie into advancing the gameplay to find the Oragami Killer. It is PURE controversy and cheesy nudity to crack grins on sad nerds faces.

Before you go biting my head off let me put it to you like this.

God of War 3 is going to get media backlash for being "too violent." However, if people KNEW what Kratos has been through with losing his family, why he wants revenge, and the type of person he was it'd completely justify his rage against Helios when he rips his head off. Plus it ties into gameplay to let him see using his head things he cannot since he is no longer a God.

CONTEXT people CONTEXT. God of War is rated M and is done well, but Heavy Rain throws in breasts and a woman peeing without a reason.

Now on with my 300 disagrees simply because I don't like David Cage, I don't like Indigo, and after the demo of Heavy Rain I don't think it offers much more than just good graphics. Don't worry though. I will rent it and complete it before I would bash it, because I'm not an ignorant tool like that.

Seriously though, someone who disagrees provide a counter point to what I just said and you'll earn bubbles.

Lightsaber4088d ago

Its nothing more then a cheap way to try and sell copies. I dont really have a problem with that but the least they could do is have the balls to admit it. There is no deep artist meaning behind it.

AKS4088d ago

Nudity does not always represent gratuitous sex acts. None of the nudity I've seen in Heavy Rain so far was depicted as a sex act or in an unreasonable manner. Showering and using the bathroom are normal daily self-care activities everyone does. The nude scene in the nightclub is actually coerced at gunpoint. I sincerely hope none of you are turned on by that type of thing! If so, I'll probably see you on To Catch a Predator with Chris Hansen eventually.

If you're the type that wants to put women who breast feed their hungry babies in public in prison, maybe you are the one with the problem and might want to try to think about nudity and sexuality in a more mature manner.

iwillpwnyou4088d ago

cannot wait for this game! So fresh! Something different! MW2? Yawn...

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davekaos4089d ago

This so called low end game that you are referring to, graphically puts all your 360 exclusives to shame.
And as for 250,000 lifetime, well i honestly think you will be eating them words come 2 weeks after release

lowcarb4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

"puts all 360 games to shame"

What have you been smoking? Already Metro 2033 and Alan Wake blow this game away in both gameplay and visuals. Wait for the side by side comparisons before you start saying crazy stuff like that.

edit: PS3 fanboys are such idiots on this site. Like agrees or disagrees really matter lol. Denial seems to be the easiest way for you guys to ignore what's really going on.

davekaos4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

ok then if you say so.
i will agree with the 4 ppl that disagree with you

Oh more than 4 now, guess im right and your wrong

"PS3 fanboys are such idiots on this site. Like agrees or disagrees really matter lol. Denial seems to be the easiest way for you guys to ignore what's really going on."

Really? i would say that its you thats in denial and ignoring whats really going on.
Lets just end it here shall we. You go back to your fryin pan of a console while i go back to mine and actually play games and not have 2 fear that the console will overheat & break on me

Dsnyder4089d ago

Wait what were we talking about?

DavidMacDougall4089d ago

Yeah a chick gets naked too!

Raf1k14089d ago

I played the demo about an hour ago and I'm pretty impressed. The way the fight scene played out put a smile on my face.

I'm glad I pre-ordered the collector's edition as it's going to be a very unique experience.

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