Pachter Clarifies His 'EA has Zero Credibility' Statement

Industry analyst Michael Pachter was recently quoted saying that the management at EA has "zero credibility." In the most recent edition of GameTrailers' Bonus Round, Pachter was quick to clarify that the publisher has no credibility "with investors." The reason being EA has repeatedly missed the mark for its projected earnings. The company had its hot sellers like Mass Effect 2, but it misjudged titles like Brutal Legend and The Beatles: Rock Band.

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DelbertGrady3668d ago

Seeing 'Pachter' and 'credibility' being mentioned in the same sentence always makes me laugh.

RememberThe3573668d ago

They need to figure out how to get these games to sell better. Otherwise, I see them going back to their old ways of making some of the worst games ever.

Brutal Legend was a pretty damn good game, But the RTS type of play style was a bit weird and it never really fit with the rest of the game. With Mirror's Edge, the game just had way too much screen tearing. I really enjoyed it but it just needed more polish.