Rockstar's Wasserman: Ignore 'Next-Gen', Make Great Art

As part of an in-depth Gamasutra interview posted today, Rockstar San Diego exec Alan Wasserman (Midnight Club series) has been discussing the state of game development, commenting that he "absolutely hates" the phrase next-gen as a "manufactured marketing term" - and that developers should create their own "special recipe".

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Diselage4137d ago

He has a point, if developers just focus on their vision games will become next-gen. Because i can't see a developer wanting to make a game with crap AI or a host of the other problems that plague games.

Observer4137d ago

This "next-gen" gimmickry is becoming insulting to peoples intelligence. Just make good games.

But it's weird seeing this kind of statements coming from the Midnight Club dude. I mean, they're generic racers, and aren't likely to be "great art". Had people like the Killer 7, Shadow of the Colossus etc. said something of the like .. that would make sense .. but this like Vin Diesel criticizing the lack of drama masterpieces in Hollywood and the rise of brainless blockbusters.

Bill Gates4137d ago

Bubbles for you Alan Wasserman.

ItsDubC4137d ago

I too would give this guy bubbles if I could. "Next-gen" is the most loaded and ill-defined buzzword ever created in the gaming industry. Ppl are always arguing about what is considered "next-gen" simply because the term is so ambiguous.

Get off technology's nuts and concern yourself w/ the games already.

Crazyglues4137d ago

"It's like I'm baking a cake. I have flour, butter, eggs, and chocolate, but how I use those ingredients and how I combine them will determine whether I give you a next-gen cake, as opposed to something you'd get at Starbucks." -ouch!

Somewhere someone at the CEO: offices of Starbucks is saying "WTF"...LoL

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