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PPG wrote "Dirt 2 is like flying twisted metal at over a hundred plus miles per hour, in-your-face racing goodness. Codemasters really designed a winner when they developed Dirt 2; there hasn't been anything released yet that can touch this off-road rally racing game (except the original Dirt, but I am sure you've figured that one out already). Codemasters has gone beyond the expectations of the original Dirt (not to down play Dirt, it was a very nice title), but to place it into perspective; they have right the wrongs and improved Dirt 2 by one hundred and ten percent.

Dirt 2 begins with you as a lonely rookie trying to make your mark in a league of pros, but unlike other racing games that force you in one direction, you are free to do whatever you like. Once you complete the starter races, Codemasters doesn't keep your training wheels on for long like in some racing games. The game begins right away and gives you the option to go any way and race any event you like. This is rather nice; you don't waste a lot of time and are able to jump right into things."


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mbanatech253769d ago

Yap! I might get this one since ain't enough rally gamez out there