DiRT 4 – The Keys To Great Racing

GTMAM writes:
As DiRT Showdown disappoints the hardcore and memories of a true rally racing video game fade away GTMAM discuses what DiRT 4 needs to be to save this beloved genre.

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Yi-Long2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

... I hope DiRT4 goes back to it's rally roots, instead of all the 'extreme' and 'dude' stuff that's been the recent trend.

Kingnichendrix2691d ago

I agree that shit pisses me off, I can only play showdown muted....

Yi-Long2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

... I want a rally-game, not a party demolition game.

I still have to pick up DiRT 3 from the bargain-bin, cause I didn't pick it up for full-price because of 1: the DLC, and 2: the crap that ISN'T rally.

I really hope the next proper DiRT will feauture lots of gorgeous fun locations to RALLY through, and hopefully the tracks this time will be a lot LONGER and bigger than those we had in DiRT2.

Apocwhen2691d ago

Dirt 3 isn't all that great. I found Dirt 2 to be a better game over it.

t0mmyb0y2691d ago

I'm with you Yi-Long. Skipping Dirt 3 because it's not a game I'm going to pay full price for. Real Rally games don't really exist any more. Where's the Kickstarter for one of those lol

urwifeminder2690d ago

Ken block has to go we want sebatian loeb kens great at donuts and awesome dude x games to the max but he cant drive in world rally very well sorry dude like totally.