Brutal Gamer: Mass Effect (PC) Review

Brutal Gamer writes: "Often when a developer releases a game, they want the first thing you say when you start playing to be simple "wow." They want you to be wowed with the scope, with the music, with the graphics… they just want your first impression to be "wow." The problem is that you have MANY developers looking to one-up each other at this. So what's "wow" today is likely going to be "normal" or "meh" the next day. However, in Mass Effect, I think we have a title here that will remain "wow" for a long time."

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cooperdnizzle3175d ago

The game is alright.. Gets boring real fast.... Come on hater's! By the way the gaming community sucks balls. I hate this game, know i hate this game, i have no life so I'll hate on this game. You want to know who started the fan boy wars??? The flippin media. Stupid people like every "Author" On this site.. And all the people at game trailers. And every other stupid site out there... This is the worst gaming gen. Just cause nobody can give credit to anyone. I hate all the gaming site's and i hate all of you!!!!!

Bigpappy3175d ago

Most people with complaints are for the PC version. May be there is not enough stuff to click on. This is a 360 game ported to PC. It is made with a controller and console in mind. Plays really great on the 360. 9.9/10

DMason3175d ago

Did anyone actually look at this site??? Its like a WordPress blog, thrown together, no pictures, no screenshots, no ads even.

This site fails hard.

Myze3175d ago

I have played both versions, and actually preferred the PC. Most of his complaints are stupid and based on the fact that the PC version didn't have the large amounts of graphical/sound settings most PC games have now days (no AA setting, no sterio/5.1/7.1/etc. settings, etc.). No, the PC version of the game doesn't look much better than the 360 version (other than possible higher resolution), but it still looks good. Also, I preferred the keyboard/mouse over the controller, but it works just as well either way. I just liked being able to use all my skills with hotkeys. Although I still have to pause to use squadmate's skills, it was far less frequent. It's not, however, near the level of annoyance if I had to play with the controller as it would have been with Dragon Age (would literally have to pause the game for 80% of the time in fights without the hotkeys).

As for the sound problem, I don't give any excuse for a PC gamer not using something that is at least 5.1 sound, when you can buy a 5.1 surround sound setup for a PC for like $50 (maybe not the best, but that's the low end).

I did not have the screen pop-in or the lagging sound like he was explaining. I'm guessing that's due to him having a sub-par graphics card and sound card (although, I'm guessing both issues come from either lack of RAM or graphics card, not the sound card).

The only problem I had with the game was getting stuck on graphical terrain. It happened about 5 times during the whole playthrough (about 35-38 hours). Yes, it was annoying, but I saved a lot, so it was never a problem. Also, there is tons of poly-collision on the characters, but that's something almost all games suffer from, and this game has more close-ups of characters than most games. They are minor squabbles and I would personally rate the game at a 96-98.

Gamer7l3175d ago

...just because he has a sh*tty PC. If he didn't have the technical issues (which aren't even present in the 360 version), this review would have been even higher.

t8503175d ago

got the pc version. no issues.

if his pc is bad, he should correct it first.

champ213175d ago

360 has fps issues.. frames drop to unacceptable levels during heavy play.

Double Toasted3175d ago're lying, please stop.

labwarrior3175d ago

Too bad they can't handle a PC properly

RagTagBnd4453175d ago

I hope that was a joke...

champ213175d ago

pc version can run on:

ps3 controller
360 controller
mouse keyboard.

it does everything.. choose your pick:P

Gamer7l3175d ago

Oh really? Can it run ME2 for $199.99? Didn't think so.

RagTagBnd4453175d ago

Oh, but can your 360 run ME2 in 1080P? No i don't think so...

champ213175d ago


do you buy a 360 for every game you buy? obviously its bought to be used over a period of time. Same for the pc.

Its a known fact PC is much much cheaper then consoles when used over a period of time. This is due to games being cheaper and free online(compared to 360) and hardware accessories being at normal prices not at super high levels like the 360.

a 360 with a hard drive will cost you 300usd, a pc will cost about 700 usd(it does many more things then just play games, and which one of us doesnt need a pc anyways? everyone needs it).

In the long run say a year or two depending on the amount of games you buy, there is no comparison xbox will be much more costly then the pc i can assure you of that(while being inferior in games quality).

PotNoodle3175d ago

The PC Version is easily > the 360 version.

Solid 60fps at all times, maxed settings, better AA, higher resolution, better texture quality, better controls, better everything!

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GamerPS3603175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

this guys must have shi**y PC.
I completed this game without one crash and any other problem. There is hardly any loading screen and sound was superb as well. Graphics was very sharp with force AA as well.

But, there was vehicle control on menu but I didn't get any vehicle to drive.

PS. Avast detected Trojan on their site. Wft you expect form site like this anyway.

labwarrior3175d ago

I thus give the game a 0/10 for not beeing able to transform my PC in a beasty 8 CPU core gaming monster

t8503175d ago

you should try putting the 360 disk into the original xbox and see what happens.

original xbox is 10yrs old too, sure it wont play the latest games, same goes for the pc.

though with the pc you could give a new agp card which will cost you 100usd and it will still play the game like the 360 can @720p.

OpenGL3174d ago

I'm not sure how people missed the obvious sarcasm.

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