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games| has reviewed Dante's Inferno:

"While praising the courage, the boys of Visceral Games we can not (nor want) to forgive the way they have managed to upset one of the most incredible and exciting literary works that were ever written by human hand (hence the adjective "Divine Comedy, attributed by Boccaccio). A deep abyss, and not only fiction, it divides Dante's Inferno from the Divine Comedy, much more than what they can there be between a blockbuster movie and a porn film titled assonant.

Also avoid trouble again the great poet and focusing exclusively on the gaming component, the last child of the U.S. subsidiary of Electronic Arts can not even pass the comparison with the heavy historical legacy of titles from which he drew most of the interactive side, beginning right from that God of War that has given so much to the genre and, again, is a top quality unlikely to be reached by a competition which, see Dante's Inferno, we only dare to follow in their footsteps without a hint of overtaking."

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