Examiner: White Knight Chronicles reviewed

Examiner: "If White Knight Chronicles was developed by anyone other than Level-5, it'd be a lot easier to forgive its glaring short comings. The story is generic and the graphics are bad, sure, but solid gameplay, a robust, online multiplayer component and the promise of future downloadable content helps mitigate the damage.

But this is Level-5. Gamers have seen what they're capable of, and in all honesty, White Knight Chronicles is not it. It does proudly display some of the studios' brilliance with its innovative combat system and terrific online multiplayer, but the fact that they completely dropped the ball when it comes to two of the things they're famous for – story and graphics – is a massive disappointment.

If you buy White Knight Chronicles, be sure you have the right mindset. If you expect a Level-5 caliber game, you're going to be upset. However, if you pick up White Knight Chronicles just looking for a fun RPG to play with your friends online, there's still a considerable amount of fun to be had."

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tehk1w13175d ago

I'm playing it now and enjoying it. Story does suck though.

LordMarius3175d ago

Lol another one bubble Bot

Myst3175d ago

This score is about where I would rate the game, has some flaws but it still has it's enjoyable moments.

tehk1w13175d ago

I really, really, really wish they had hired a better writer. This game would be so much better if the story was better.

Myst3175d ago

Yeah, hopefully they can fix the story issue in White Knight 2 as well as some of the out of battle dialogue that goes on between comrades and yourself. Sometimes it makes me just want to slowly lower the volume on the TV.

Gue13175d ago

Why? Because he looks asian? Don't tell me that on top of being a fanboy you're a racist too... I wouldn't be surprised though. You sound like you have issues.