WoW Auctions House Coming to Iphone

Well first it was the WoW Armory Auction House for Facebook and now for World of Warcraft Auction House for Iphone.

It's not the first application for Iphone we have seen World of Warcraft Mobile Armory and Mobile Authenticator developed by Blizzard for Iphone.

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DirtyLary3180d ago

I guess spending 10 hours a day on WOW isn't enough. Now you can still be connected when you actually leave the pc.

Chaotic_Lament3180d ago

During my brief stint with WoW I found the grinding absolutely boring. But I did enjoy working the auction house to amass a small fortune. There was something oddly addictive about selling, undercutting, investing in buying commodities when they were cheap...etc.

I actually found that to be the most enjoyable part of the game. Getting hounded by my guild for funds wasn't though. Never should have told them how much gold I had and was making.

Mikeyy3180d ago

I know what you are saying, I have to stop riding my Traveler Tundra Mammoth, because complete strangers start asking me for gold. it doesnt help that they can inspect your achieves and look at the statistics/wealth tab. and see the houndreds of thousands of gold we have..

Montrealien3180d ago

the statistics/wealth tab was hot fixed a week after they put it, 2 years ago. It does not show you wealth, blizz understood that was a bad call.

NegativeCreepWA3180d ago

grinding? ive been playing for about two weeks now and if you compare ffxi wow has very little grinding. i level up as im doing quest.