ThePlayStatioNetwork Review: Bayonetta

TPSN's Anthony admits he doesn't really like this genre, but with Shinji Mikami on board he was willing to give Bayonetta a chance. How did it fare to his harsh criticism?

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Rikitatsu3175d ago

Shinji Mikami had nothing to do with Bayonetta... Unprofessional Journalism at its best.

8-Bit Punk3173d ago

Hey man,

this is not unprofessional journalism. That was just my mistake. Anthony actually never mentions Mikami. I think you should've read the review.

Godmars2903175d ago

Wonder if this is after the update?

Not that it matters with that score.

Ninji3175d ago

I'm not surprised by the score. The game was terrible and relied on sex to sell but it still got outsold by Darksiders (though Darksiders was also the better game) and it had a lot less advertising. Maybe they should go back to the drawing board rather than trying to get preteens to buy their game.

Son_Lee3174d ago

The problem that lied in Bayonetta for me was almost nothing seemed relevant in context to the game itself. Everything felt misplaced.

The combat was fun, and it had some of the best boss battles I've seen in years, but the story was convoluted and made no sense whatsoever. And no matter how sexy she may be, Bayonetta just strikes a wrong chord with me somewhere. I kinda feel like I shouldn't be playing her.

Shinji Mikami could have done a much better job with this. The man gave us the brilliant original Devil May Cry. He can do it again.