IncGamers: FIFA Online Interview

Following a demonstration of EA's upcoming free-to-play football title, FIFA Online, IncGamers sat down with EA Sports' Adrian Blunt to find out a little more about the franchise's new direction. Having seen the impressive one-handed mouse control system in action, they were keen to know just how much depth football fans will find in FIFA Online.

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Maticus3203d ago

I've changed my mind, I think this game will do well. Quite impressed by the sound of it now.

AndyA3203d ago

The control system sounds quite impressive. I like the idea of playing a football game entirely with the mouse.

Leord3203d ago

This must be kind of revolutionary in terms of football games, right?

Cogo3203d ago

Possible. Never heard of it before...

Leord3203d ago

"There are lots of controls – we have an in-game control list showing you all the different moves and eventually we will add more advanced tutorials as well to educate you as a player, but the idea is that you evolve with the game."

Pretty cool!

superrey193203d ago

I think all the PC FIFA games have had mouse controls since FIFA 07 if I'm not mistaken. I didn't like them too much. Perhaps these controls will be different?