Alien vs. Predator Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Screenshot Comparison

In that screenshot comparison Videogameszone checked the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Alien vs. Predator.

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Dance3177d ago

I don't why people bother posting crappy comparisons from this site

Projekt7tuning3177d ago

@ 1 Agree.
I have both systems, love them both. I dont care which one looks slightly better under a microscope, I have a favorite system for different types of games based on the controller. The thing I have noticed is a very obvious trend by this site in particular. I agree with the first post that this site dose not deserve our attention.Some of the games they have shown lately do not look as washed out as they try and make them look. Im not rooting for ether side, its just obvious these are not accurate comparisons for ether system. Also shouldn't they at least try and use the same screens?

Silly gameAr3177d ago

Oh dear. Didn't turn out the way you wanted? I think it looks great. Glad some developers are getting the hang of the PS3.

Kurylo3d3177d ago

im kinda disappointed with the look of the game... environment so far look so plain.... aside from that... this has nothing to do with getting the hang of the ps3. The game is too plain to push any system really.

Silly gameAr3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Wasn't talking about the graphics pushing the systems. I was talking about how people are on here 24/7 gloating about multiplat titles looking better on the 360.

It's good when a dev. takes the time to make a decent port.

And, it's also funny when the PS3 has a slight edge over the 360, people say the game looks like crap anyway.

Did it for Dante's Inferno,Darksiders, and I'm sure this game is next on the sh.. list.

dragunrising3176d ago

I love how people believe this site wholesale. Does everyone suddenly speak German? Do both consoles in the comparison use HDMI? I wouldn't know because even if it did say, I wouldn't understand the parameters for the comparison. Lensoftruth has much better comparisons in their Head to Head articles...and they're in English! :-)

@Silly gameAr- maybe you should find a different hobby because gaming isn't cutting it for you. You feel compelled to visit n4g and complain about all the past wrongs slung at your beloved PS3. Boohoo. It doesn't matter how you interpret the general consensus for every multiplatform game comparison. A game looking good or bad is a personal opinion, aka bias. Everyone has a little bias to go around.

Solidus187-SCMilk3176d ago

this is a bad comparison as the pics arnt even the same.

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Sarevok3176d ago

Ps3 one looks better a wee bit.
Darker and better colors.

plb3176d ago

I think the game is too dark lol. I couldn't spot any aliens coming unless I cranked up the brightness all the way and the flashlight is useless imo.

Sarevok3176d ago

You never played doom 3 lol..

execution173176d ago

with being a bit darker, it adds to the atmosphere, because you don't know what will be up ahead unless you actually see it charging right at you:O

Fishy Fingers3176d ago

Pretty needless really, as according to Official Xbox Mag

"It's old code, so it's not quite as slick as the full game"

So hopefully the finished product will look better than anything shown here (whatever platform).

BigKev453176d ago

The game sucks anyways.

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The story is too old to be commented.