StarCraft II Gets Open Beta?

Blizzard's Korean community manager Kicho has hinted of a possible open beta, saying StarCraft II will be available for "all fans of the franchise", not just press and VIPs.

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Medievaldragon3844d ago

now that is surprising. They don't really need to test out server performance with a few thousands? They just stress the servers to the max on day one with zillion testers? gasp

Recka3844d ago

Well to be fair, to know what the servers can handle before the actual retail release is a plus on their side.

King Klear3844d ago

If there is an open stage, it will probably quite some time after the closed one, so they know what the servers can take. Besides, the stress will come sooner or later anyway, when they release it, so it might be worth it for them to make the beta open for just a couple days/weeks.

Leord3844d ago

IF - and it's really a big if - they do it, I think the open one will open after the closed one...

Redrudy3844d ago

Very good news. Test before and they'll avoid disappointment (and complaints).

Altourus3844d ago

Pretty sure it will be like with World of Warcraft, a few months of closed beta followed by a couple weeks of open beta to stress test.

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Leord3844d ago

That would be SO awesome. I have a key, but loads of friends without one. I doubt fansites will be able to provide that many keys!

Rovdjuret3844d ago

indeed they wont! This is great new for all of us alltho im not sure about SC2 beeing a good enough sequel

they changed Sarah kerrigans voice =(

SCFreelancer3844d ago

@Rovdjuret: Its a bit early to judge on the qualities of the sequel since it hasn't even gone into beta yet don't you think?

moe843844d ago

I couldn't care less about the voice actors. As long as the game play is good, Hillary Clinton could be Jim Raynor for all I care.

Besides, don't knock the voice acting until you actually hear it in game.

Recka3844d ago

This is a HUGE shock, I am really suprised...

Cogo3844d ago

Huge shock and very surprised usually go hand in hand, yes :)

Cogo3844d ago

Wow. Didn;t see that coming...

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The story is too old to be commented.