Fanboy Friday: Miranda Lawson

Its Fanboy Friday over at GameShard, and this week Mass Effect 2 companion Miranda Lawson is the object of appreciation.

"Details on Miranda were kept purposefully scant prior to the game's release, and we won't go into her storyline details here for the sake of those who haven't finished Mass Effect 2 yet. But suffice to say that the aussie team member has a past every bit as interesting as the other crew of the Normandy. She's smart, savvy, and good at taking charge, which is of course likely to lead to plenty of confrontations with the more headstrong Commander Shepard's out there. For those willing to work with her, though, you'll find a character of deceptive depth, whose true personality doesn't really come to the fore until much later in the game- after you have gained her trust.

Either way, though, Lawson's exotic looks can't be denied. Maybe it's that white catsuit (or black leather, after you complete her loyalty mission), or maybe it's just the fact that she is voiced by, and modelled by, Chuck actress Yvonne Strahovski. In either case, Miranda is an undeniable beauty, and definitely a welcome member of the team. Don't believe us? Look for yourselves."

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