Capcom explains why Monster Hunter Online for 360

Videogamer writes: "Capcom has revealed that the Xbox 360's online capabilities are the reason it chose to create a version of MMO, Monster Hunter Frontier Online, for the Microsoft console.

Asked about the game during a Q3 Q&A conference call, Capcom said: 'We decided to offer this title for the Xbox 360 because of this console's outstanding online game playing capabilities and for other reasons.'"

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captain-obvious3179d ago

"and for other reasons" = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
lets be honest with our selvs in here
MS paid a hefty amount of cash for this

because they need games like this to sell more 360's in Japan
this game sell mainly in Japan, and it didn't do will on the wii
and the wii got much bigger install base than the 360 in Japan
so they think that the same game well do better on the 360 ??

give me a break capcom

THE MAX SPEED 213179d ago

or maybe both? Imagine if this game on xbox360 is a big success in america because it's an online game unlike wii games that sells poorly in america if it aint a big franchise.

captain-obvious3179d ago

dude MH games only sell big in Japan and mainly on handhelds (PSP)
online or not
a Japanese style game would never attract American gamers
as it dose to the Japanese gamers

qface643179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

am i the only one who sees something wrong with the tittle?

anyways if it comes out overseas it will most likely still have the subscription fees since this MH game is more along the lines of FF11 and phantasy star

subscriptions can really kill a game unless its a real dedicated mmo

FamilyGuy3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Is it me or does that sound like the answer M$ told/payed them to say?

This game is going to FLOP. Not only is it old but (show of hands) who actually wants this game on their 360? MHTri would be a different story and it might sell a good number of copies but this? THIS?

A complete waste of time and money.

qface64 - It SHOULD read
Capcom explains why Monster Hunter Online *is coming out* for 360

Rock Bottom3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )


execution173179d ago

if its going to have dedicated servers or that p2p nonsense :O

SilentNegotiator3179d ago

The slogan was "Microsoft x Capcom"

If Capcom didn't have a deal with MS, there's no way they would choose such a goofy name. They would have made it something more like, "Xbox x Capcom" That would have made more sense.

Saaking3179d ago

It's obvious MS paid tons of money to get this.

Let's look at the facts:

MH sells mostly in JAPAN
Xbox 360 does NOT sell in JAPAN.

Therefore, how the heck do they expect to sell MH on a console that doesn't even sell in the are where the game does? Only one logical explanation: MS sent them a big check.

sikbeta3179d ago

"It's da crozz game chatz and da big pay check filled with [000000]"


Solidus187-SCMilk3179d ago

cant wait to try it out and see how it looks in HD.

mfwahwah3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

"a Japanese style game would never attract American gamers
as it dose to the Japanese gamers "

I'm pretty sure Americans love Katamari games, Super Mario Brothers and Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Chrono Trigger, Demon's Souls, Pokèmon, etc.

Greywulf3179d ago

It totally screws gamers.

maniacmayhem3179d ago

My thing is this, I can see why Capcom ported an old PC port to the 360. The PC online structure is already there and it is probably really easy to port all that over to the 360 which is very PC friendly itself.

But if MS is gonna shell out that kinda dough to get a MH on their system why not throw out a couple more million to get a brand new MH "EXCLUSSSSIVLY" for its system?

Arnon3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

You don't even know how much they actually spent for this, and yet you're jumping to the conclusion that it was millions upon millions of dollars. For all we know, Capcom just didn't give a sh*t, and ported it over for a very little amount. I highly doubt this, but you get my point.

I get the feeling though that if this was announced for the PS3, it would be quite possibly the best Monster Hunter game ever created.

Either way, I'm a MH nut, and I'm gonna need to get this.

maniacmayhem3179d ago

Let me clarify this a bit so I don't get any more MS fans butt hurt.

What I meant was MS should throw an extra few millions (which is how much if more it cost to develop on current gen systems) to bank roll and co develop an exclusive MH title for the Xbox 360. Not just port an old PC title.

Arnon3179d ago

Microsoft fan? Really?... Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't make them a fanboy. The reason I brought it up was because it's asinine for anyone to comment on the matter when we have absolutely no information regarding the actual reasons behind this deal.

rroded3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

the rest is jus bs imo

still smart move from ms cause if this will move 360's in asia.... if it dont nothing will...

hazardman3179d ago

I wish MS would stop throwing money away the way they do..Instead they should buy some development studios to create games for MS exclusively. Whatever!! Back to topic..I've never played a Monster Hunter game, but I see nothing wrong with MS trying to boost some console sales in Japan..Maybe if they invest in making a slim model with wifi and slot drive and no online fees they could move a few more consoles in Japan..Sh!t I would buy 1..

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120FPS3179d ago

With all of this money MS are meant to be shelling out im surprised they have any left at all.

captain-obvious3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

"im surprised they have any left at all"

MS and Sony
can buy all the developers out there and still got money to operate their businesses

THE MAX SPEED 213179d ago

I dont remember where but somebody told me that MS sells a Windows OS like each 5 second or something. So just imagine how much they win WorldWide selling the Ultimate windows pack for 299.99$ and with the xbox and etc etc.

all these big corporations are worth Billions. Buying exclusives for 50million is nothing.

Sez 3179d ago

I have to agree with 120FPS. Everyone keeps saying MS pays for every game on the 360. How could they make a profit.

Dev8 ing3179d ago

MS doesn't get the msrp for every copy of windows they sell. Most copies of windows 7 will be sold from new PC's being bought. New PC is about $400-$500, new windows $130 minimum. Do you think MS are getting 25% of each PC sold?

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DelbertGrady3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

So it's impossible that Capcom just thinks Xbox Live is the best suited online service for their game?

Jamie Foxx3179d ago

you need an online community and 360 in japan barely has one,and the monster hunter series only really sells in japan so it is a confusing decision, also PSN is not far off the amazing live service if were honest

SnukaTheMan3179d ago

tell that to capcom..they made their choice.

yoghurt3179d ago

No it's not impossible - but they themselves said "and other reasons"

DelbertGrady3179d ago

Fair points considering the 360's struggle in Japan. If they want it to succeed I think they need to make it accessible to western gamers as well as asian. My biggest gripe is the extra fee I've heard rumors about. No one will play it if you have to pay something extra on top of the Live fee. It's not WoW.

mastiffchild3179d ago

I'm amazed that they think Live is a big enough reason to turn their back on the millions of PS3 owners in Japan. For tha reason alone I suspect there's more to it than them feeling Live is a great service. theyu put Tri opn the wii and you couldn't say WiiConnect is superior to PSN is any way-in fact it meant, IIRC, that they had to do a lot of work themselves to get round issues like FCs and high latency which they prolly wouldn't on PSN or Live.

However, if they're prepared to back the worst online system with a sub based game don't bet against there being an extra charge for this, more MMO styled game IIRC, when it arrives on the 360. TBH, I'm still a LOT more interested in Tri on the Wii as it looks a better bet and more of a pure MH that I'm used to on PSP and PS2. As I understand it this game leans more to the MMO side than normal MH games and IDK how that will go down in the west and on console-because of this I don't even see MS having to pay much, plus it's an oldish game as well. Hell, I could b wildly wronmg but seeimng as no MH games have ever caught fire over here befre I'd suggest this is a long shot at best and not one MS would waste much cash on at all.

I agree that there has to have ben a sweetener for Capcom to ignore a PS3 userbase in Japan that's bigger than 360's and also likely to contain more MH gamers than he whole of the west in any case let alone just the Japanese 360 userbase. But, again, even Tri didn't rip up any trees and maybe it was worth a small scale investment on a ready amd game for MS to experiment with the series on their console full stop. Had this been MH4 I doubt we would be seeing a 360 only release anywhere as it would represent a MASSIVE risk to Capcom and the series as a whole on home consoles and while Capcm might well like Live as a service there's no way it can have been the major factor here. Lest we forget, this really isn't a big release for Capcom OR MS and serves as an experiment n my eyes which might even increase the likelihood of an extra sub to see what we'll swallow in the west. Perhaps they feel, also, that Live users, used to paying extra are more likely to go for extras even on top of that, idk, but do see this as a two sided experiment for MS/Capcom rather than a slight on Wii or PS3.

sikbeta3179d ago

This is Simply Dumb, no way Japanese will buy an x360 for MH, they prefer to buy MH for PSP or wii instead

ChickeyCantor3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

This game is an old port...
The Wii version looks far better and i cant imagine how its online system will be.

MS just did this to sell their 360 in Japan

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reintype3179d ago

It's what you call a no-brainer, really. They're so used to paying for online, that's why.

SCThor3179d ago

You need a fanbase that is willing to pay for playing online. Since PSN's users don't, LIVE service is the natural choice.

SnukaTheMan3179d ago

What a blow to that "free" online service......finally a company to recognize the difference between free online and paid online....Now capcom dont ruin it by charging a monthly fee....

qface643179d ago

i bet 20 bucks you couldn't tell the difference between paid online and free online unless someone told you which was which

SCThor3179d ago

Keep the bets coming..

NinjaAssassin3178d ago

i bet you a hundred bucks that any impartial gamer could tell big differences if they actually used both services extensively. most people that say they are the same are people who either don't game online very much or they are partial to one console and spend most of their time playing on that console. i have both and the whole experience is richer and smoother on xbox live.