Monster Hunters: Still No Love For The Current HD Consoles

WreckedPixel: "In September of 2004, Capcom games released one of the best multiplayer title that I have ever played. The title was called "Monster Hunters" and it featured online play with up to three additional players. The goal of the game was pretty simple; complete a quest by either hunting or gathering the requirements. It was such an easy idea that eventually hit extremely well with its fans."

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dedicatedtogamers3339d ago

The sad thing is that CAPCOM is probably looking at their sales for Dragon's Dogma (which weren't bad, but not good either) and think "Ohhhh, I guess Monster Hunter wouldn't sell on consoles".

Nitrowolf23339d ago

I know right. I want MH on PS3 so bad, but I doubt that will hapen since we are so far in this gen, Capcom has made it clear that they'll stick with Nintendo for console release and handhelds for every other.

Qrphe3339d ago

We didn't even get that MH PS3 port game (an easy and shoddy port), much less a "new" one.

Tri sold well globally generally speaking but maybe it wasn't enough for Capcom (most of the sales were on Japan alone anyway).

Chidori3339d ago

I really don't think that's the case. Tri on the Wii sold really well GLOBALLY. Monster Hunter also owns Japan. No matter what system it's on, whether it be console or handheld, I'm sure it will sell. I think it's more a matter of Capcom utilizing dated hardware to minimize development costs and maximizing profits. I mean, if they were to develop a Monster Hunter from the ground up for Ps3, it would definitely be costly to take advantage of the hardware properly. That's actually why Tri made it's way to the Wii in the first place. Development costs for a ps3 version would have been too high for what Capcom had in mind. I love Monster Hunter. I also loved Tri. I am definitely satisfied with what we have now and I'm also extremely excited for Ultimate on the Wii u, but I do sometimes wonder how much greater a game Tri would have been on the Ps3.

I can only hope for a port of MH4 to the Wii U eventually.

SilentNegotiator3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Screw it. Demon's/Dark Souls are much better games anyway. The worlds/levels/areas are much better designed, there's less grindy BS, and it's still hard. Frankly, MH has MISERABLE level design and is only hard because the balancing is terrible.

We can beg only so much, and From Software offered something better already.

doogiebear3339d ago

MH on consoles would be so much better. Imagine using hardwired internet connection, instead of lame wi fi that's stolen from walmart -_-

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Nitrowolf23339d ago

It's getting an enhance port of MH3 from what I know, plus the article did take into account the wii U

sloth33953339d ago

it says for current HD consoles and since the WiiU isnt out yet its not current

Moncole3339d ago

I didnt see the current part in the title.

jujubee883339d ago

Capcom know DAMN WELL what system I want MH on and it sure is NOT the Wii U!

If CAPCOM could careless about VITA, fine, I will buy "Ragnarok Odyssey" and any other great hunting game to get my fix ... but MH thrived on the PSP handheld in Japan not to long ago before Capcom pulled the rug under Sony.

A Capcom exec even demoed MH on the NGP before it was a VITA!!! WTH went wrong???


andibandit3339d ago

Dont worry im sure mh will arive on vita. Vita is not even a year old. Just wait, we are gonna see it within 3 years from now

SirBradders3339d ago

They are hoping fans buy the wii u because of it, nintendo paying them off.

ronin4life3339d ago

Nintendo isn't paying anybody; Capcom and Nintendo have a deep bilateral relation rooted in mutual partnerships. Monster Hunter reached new heights of popularity in the west because of Nintendo's publishing and marketing of tri, and that's just one of their many partnerships.

ronin4life3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Why disagree with facts? Capcom collaborated with them for GC exclusives, Developed several ZELDA games, Gained Nintendo support in pushing MonHun over seas(something Sony did the EXACT opposite of) and Nintendo will be providing the online servers for triU.

I'm sure I'm even forgetting some things, but even if I'm not that is a pretty impressive list of bilateral partnerships and mutually beneficial business decisions The kind of things that make companies work together more often.

Add what HarvesterOsarow has said and BOOM; Monster Hunter on Nintendo exclusively for the short-term foreseeable future.

Now I know I'm being stalked...O.o
Unless someone "fesses up" and actually responds with a counterpoint.

YoungPlex3339d ago

Your absolutely right, people can't argue facts, but they can disagree. Nintendo and Capacom have a unique and solid relationship, sorta like, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours... I agree with you though, its just that some people don't see it that way.

ronin4life3339d ago

I guess...
Though capcom is hardly the only company they have this type of relation with(perhaps the oldest), so it really shouldn't be that hard to believe. The evidence Is everywhere.

Seems to me that some may just not want to admit it... but maybe that's just the n4g mentality getting to me.
@[email protected]
lol. ^,^;

Cam9773339d ago

More importantly, WHAT ABOUT THE VITA?

Qrphe3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

There will be one, maybe announced in a year or two from now (when Capcom feels there is enough of an install base).

Ult iMate3339d ago

Vita will very soon have Ragnarok Odyssey, then Soul Sacrifice early next year and also God Eater 2 with enhanced graphics. I suggest you support those games if you want to have Capcom's attention.
I, for one, can't wait for Ragnarok for my Vita. If Capcom doesn't want my money, I would gladly give them to other game companies that make good JRPGs.

crazysammy3339d ago

This has nothing to do with the content of the article, but you would think someone who loves the series so much would know its Monster Hunter, not Monster Hunters.

HarvesterOSarow3339d ago

Yeah, I agree. It's Monster Hunter not Hunters, but not the biggest deal I guess :P

Oh, and I'll tell you what Capcom is waiting for right now. Capcom execs sit around a table and say, "Okay, time to make a new Monster Hunter title."

And everyone agrees, "Hai, Monster Hunter Tri sold well on the Wii, but not as well as the PSP titles."

So they discuss, "Sony has a new handheld coming out called the Playstation Vita, but it's launch is months away, and by the time the game has finished development, it most likely won't have a giant install base to give us the profits we desire."

Then someone else says, "Hey, our game development time coincides with Nintendos' release of the 3DS, it's programming is very similar to the Wii so why don't we do that."

Thus Monster Hunter Tri G was released in Japan, and Monster Hunter 4 was announced at TGS.

"How do we make a larger profit?", one Japanese employee asks.

"I know," the other answers. "Create an expansion of our expansion that uses the same code we've already learned."

Thus Tri Ultimate was created. And to get to the point. By Capcom stepping away from Nintendo devices to deliver a Sony Monster Hunter, it would stunt the sales of all the titles in development right now, and those in the near future.

I have sunk thousands of hours into Monster Hunter on Playstation devices, and I can reassure you that Capcom "siding" with Nintendo is not a decision out of spite, or abandonment. No matter how abandoned fans like myself feel. It is purely a business decision that they must wait for all Nintendo products to ship, sell, and dwindle, before announcing a Vita Monster Hunter.

Sorry for the incredibly long post. As you can see I am a giant MH fan myself.

crazysammy3339d ago

Monster Hunters feels like the name of the chinese knock off you would see bootlegs of at Comic Con.

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