IGN editors share their take on Mass Effect 2

After the buzz generated with the previous IGN article about Mass Effect 2 being better than Uncharted, the other editors decided to share their takes on Bioware's latest epic.

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Aquanox4990d ago

It seems everyone there agrees it's a 9.6 Game (if not 10)

Deal it with boy.

blitz06234990d ago

You are one of the saddest fanboys I have ever seen. Starting yet another flamewar with an off topic comment. Has anyone said it's not a 9.6 game?

The disagrees you're getting are because of your stupidity and extreme flamebaiting on EVERY PS3 or 360 article.

That video is about how good ME2 is, not about PS3 owners having to face the fact that it got 0.1 higher than U2. Both are great games, but you let your stupidity get in front of you and only keep talking about how PS3 owners are jealous and PS3 games flop.

PS: Aquanox, it's 'Deal with it boy', not 'Deal it with boy'.

thereapersson4990d ago

No, the disagrees you are receiving are from your unnecessary baiting of fanboys, and consequently your off-topic behavior.


Maddens Raiders4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

considering the nonsense that was published yesterday on IGN any reviews/comments/editorials/po dcasts/interviews I see coming from them might as well be from oxmonline.com

sounds like you're looking for some kind of approval/validation #1 and a handful of MS fans here to agree with you. Should've kept that old dorky looking Bill Gates avatar you had for years instead of posting with a new one, trying to sound "cool". It never goes away.

Deal with it boy.

-MD-4990d ago

I love when people actually let the person know they reported them, It's like a cry for attention.

deadreckoning6664990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

I don't understand. PS3 fanboys consistently say things like:

1."God of War 3 is better than Bayonetta" without even having played God of War 3 yet.

2."GT5 beats Forza 3" without even having played GT5 yet.

3. "Killzone 2 destroys Halo 3" when both are different types of FPSs(Realistic/Futeristic) that are BEYOND COMPARISON.

Whats the difference between that and what Greg Miller said yesterday? I'd like a logical answer instead of mindless disagrees please. Try to act like human beings for once.

@Disagrees- This is the reason why I think N4G should require a LOGICAL rebuttle to go with every disagree. 10 disagrees and not ONE person has answered my question yet. By not responding ur only proving me right...you know it, I know it, everyone here knows it, and the mods know it. Thank you.

Digitaldude4990d ago

Was it more or did they diss the game more than praise it?
imo deserves 9.2

Imtey4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

"I love when people actually let the person know they reported them, It's like a cry for attention. "

I love it when people like you have nothing constructive or meaningful to say, its like you cry for attention.

OT: I wont watch the video, I've lost all respect for IGN because of their recent "articles", *cough*flaimbait*cough*

-Mezzo-4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

All i saw was some washed up losers trying to justify their full of s**t articles that were published a few days back.

That Being Said Mass Effect 2 is a great game (9.2/10)nothing more, nothing less than that.

THE MAX SPEED 214990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )


so true. We can only say PS3 games > Other games but not the Opposite

n.1 law on N4G.

I guess Aquanox is a fanboy aswell because he agrees with IGN.


Genesis54990d ago

Gotta say I'm loving playing ME2 on my PC. I also loved playing and completeing UC2. They are 2 great games. What's all the fighting about? Who really cares what Greg Miller thinks.

Raf1k14990d ago

Loading times seem to be much quicker on PC.
Also, I noticed the scanning footage in the vid was really slow. If that's the scanning on 360 it really is slow. It's much faster on PC which is why it wasn't a problem for me.

Not too keen on these guys. They don't seem to give proper level headed opinions for people who should be professional. Maybe that's just me expecting too much.

Myze4990d ago


I've never said any of those things, but I can answer your question about how it's different for Greg Miller. He's being paid by a website that definitely does not want to be known as biased. Professional attitude is something that has become very rare, and something that used to be quite strong with IGN.

You are asking why it's different for some random ps3 fanboys to claim a certain game is better, and say it as if it is fact. First off, their opinion isn't important and won't be read by 500k+ people, and second, they aren't getting paid to do a job. Greg spit in the face of everyone that believes UC2 is a better game, in their opinion. Unless he is purposefully trying to alienate readers, he should be held accountable and reprimanded for blatantly trying to start a "flame-war" with immature comments. That's what it all boils down to: Immaturity. The ps3 fanboys are immature for crying about the .1 difference in scores, but Greg does the same thing, yet he is doing it as his job, so his level of immaturity is greater.

Also, the quotes and comparisons you give, while I don't like that people say them as fact either (either way, 360 or ps3 being better), are at least comparing games that are relatively similar. UC2 and ME2 only share ONE thing, and that's TPS combat, and even that doesn't feel anywhere close to the same. The games should not have been compared.

If Greg, or IGN, didn't like people whining about the .1 difference in scores, they should have had the professional attitude to ignore them, because most of those comments, let's be realistic, are made by children between the ages of 13-19, with more overreacting hormones than sense. Even in his article, he said the staff had a good laugh reading the comments from both sides; ps3 fanboys crying about bias and bs, and 360 fanboys claiming ME2 invalidates UC2. They should have left it there. That's where the controversy lies: learn to accept criticism if you want to be a journalist/writer.

blind-reaper4990d ago

I dont care if ME2 is better than U2 or not... Well I do care, because it means it is an AWESOME GAME because U2 is an AWESOME game, and I need to play it, but the problem with IGN article is the use of cheap flamebait tactics to attract attention.

JokesOnYou4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

They're better off without you anyway.

Also we're shocked cause we've never heard that before.

Do you really think they care, they're probably laughing as they count the hits, from the same fanboys who said that a few weeks ago, all while planning 1 or 2 pro-sony articles next week and you along with the rest of the ps3 fanbase who read gave them hits today will be right back giving hits tommorrow. Yeah, yeah, go ahead say I'm wrong, just like I'm wrong for saying all the ps3 extremists dont buy 360/PC games on PC like they say the do. lmfao so transparent, I love n4g.


wicko4990d ago


What you think PS3 fanboys say or think is pretty skewed. So a few random fanboys spew things and suddenly that's how they all think?

Not to mention, a journalist should really not be saying things similar to what "fanboys" say. Journalists should be far more non-biased. You really shouldn't believe that its okay for a journalist to act like a fanboy. The people that read these articles come from different opinions, and that should be considered when writing an article if you want to be taken seriously.

Lord Vader4990d ago

Mass Effect 2 deserves all the praise it's getting & THAT has nothing to do with UC2 or the PS3.


Myze4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )


"Mass Effect 2 deserves all the praise it's getting & THAT has nothing to do with UC2 or the PS3.


I can agree with that, and anyone that's sensible to the situation would just leave it at that. The problem is, IGN didn't leave it at that.

"ME2 is a great game."

"UC2 is a great game."

Those are two separate quotes (made up), and other than a "favorite games" list, there is no reason to connect the two quotes in the same discussion (other than this one, I guess =P ), unless trying to start something silly, or join in on it.

-MD-4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

@1.8- I'm not sure you read your own comment lol, you have 17 comments total and 2 of them have been deleted by mods but I'm sure those were constructive and meaningful right?

RememberThe3574990d ago

They are both games so they are comparable. If it is a movie to a game, I can understand but you can compare a videogame to a videogame validly anytime. Whether it's Halo 3 to Killzone 2 or White Knight to Infamous, you can compare them.

IGN has decided that they prefer Mass Effect 2 over Uncharted 2; why care? They're both obviously fantastic games. It's also obvious each does something better than the other. Trying to call two games of this caliber better than the other boils down to personal preference.

Aquanox4990d ago

So let me see if I understand.

The moment IGN gave MGS4 a 10 and Uncharted 2 a 9.6 they became Gods, everyone here was only anticipating their reviews and so on... until, 2010 came, with non triple A games that received low scores and now they can go to hell.

But hey, we always have Gamespot which was pretty though on PS3 at first (according to the boys here) but now is in the hunt of PS3 fanboys and guess what. Now they're the ones to be believed.

Come on guys, the games are just NOT good enough and ME2 does deserve a higher score than WKS, HR and MAG.

You guys need to deal with the fact that being a PS3 exclusive doesn't mean you need to bend the rules to pretend it's a Triple A. It's the other way around actually.

cmrbe4990d ago

that you x360 fans are supporting IGN's fanboy and unprofessional attitude. If it was the other way around i will still call them out. Even though i don't always agree with their scores i have always respected them because they use to be professional. Now they have gone to the dogs. Even if they give GOW3 a 10 i will not trust them because of what they have become.

Solidus187-SCMilk4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

ME2 is easily one of the best SP games I have ever played. Uncharted 2 was great but I liked it for its multiplayer more so than the SP. Mass effect has no multiplayer at all.

U2 SP is great but I found it a little corny story wise. Most of the time you fight the same enemies and the game is EXACTLY the same each time you play it(even though its great). But I think taht it makes it much more accessible then ME2.

ME2 can be so different every time you play it and even you smallest decisions have an effect. There is no other game that makes you care as much about even the smallest decisions. Considering that decisions carry over from ME1 to 2 to 3 you really have a unique experience. This is something taht no game really has and I can see any implementing nearly as good any time soon.

U2 is not hugely original but it combines a 3rd person shooter with adventure/climbing and DOES IT GREAT(3rdPS and platforming). It combines a great SP with great multiplayer(I played alot today).

ME2 has no multiplayer but The way that they involve the players and hold them accountable for their actions in the SP is something that I dont think has ever been do so well. It has an amazing amount of replay value and the time and imagination that has gone into this trilogy is insane. I may even play ME1 again as I lost my old save and I dont like the default consequences taht bioware chose for the beginning of ME2. ME2 has proven to me that VIDEOGAMES HAVE MORE POTENTIAL THAN ANY OTHER MEDIA IN REGARDS TO EVOKING EMPATHY/EMOTIONS AND GETTING THE USER INVOLVED IN THE STORY.

You dont just control the person named shepard you controll WHAT TYPE OF PERSON HE IS.

Both are VERY different games and ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST. If you really have the choice Id tell you to GET BOTH.

EDIT-- in regards to the review who gave it a 7.5 and said it had "annoying decisions" and "lack of Drive." Well I liked choosing what happens for once instead of watching. ALSO, I HAVE NEVER WANTED TO KILL ANY ENEMIES IN ANY GAME AS MUCH AS I WANTED TO KILL THE COLLECTORS IN ME2. That mission me and Shepard went crazy on them and did what we needed to do for humanity and ourselves. We dont obey anyone and we dont have to follow any orders.

heroicjanitor4990d ago

I agree with you there is nothing different, but that's the problem. When respected publications like IGN start spewing fanboy propaganda it turns into a whole new ball game. Ps3 fanboys feel betrayed right now, since ign shouldn't be getting involved and "siding" the 360 fanboys. It gives the 360 fanboys a chance to look rational by saying how they agree and ps3 fanboys are overreacting, but how do you think 360 fanboys would react if IGN made an article called "Infamous is much better than Halo 360 fanboys. Deal with it."

To be honest the piece didn't make any sense anyway because the whole thing centred on mass effect(an rpg) making you feel more like you play the role of the character than uncharted 2, which is why it sounded fanboyish.

doctorspakles4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

Note to PS3 Fanboys that have overrun this site:

You didn't lose respect for IGN because of a "flamebait" article.
You "lost respect" because they refused to stroke your PS3 ego and the perpetuate the myth that the PS3 blows the 360 out of the water. It is as simple as that. You are children, and can't handle anything that doesn't agree with your limited viewpoint.

How many of you screaming and bleating have played both games? How many? Almost none. And of those who did. Who thinks ME2 is better? Who thinks UC2 is better? This is an opinion people. Opinions can be different. The article that has everyone's panties in a wad was a response to comments from fanboys. Fanboys like those that infest and ruin this site's comments sections. It was not flamebait so much as just a "STFU fanboys, and deal with the fact that a 360 game can outclass a PS3 game." Deal with it. Play your PS3 and enjoy it. But don't pretend you are not a fanboy.

Edit: But why do I even try? Arguing with those with blind devotion to a cause and a lack of logic or critical thinking is pointless and really causes my to question me own sanity.

heroicjanitor4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

You think fanboy comments are terrible unless IGN makes one? Yes fanboys are bad and you should dislike fanboyism from any source, including IGN. The article should have said "Why I believe Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2". No one would have had a problem with it. It's his opinion. I didn't care for how he basically thought it was better because it was an rpg btw, but I wouldn't have minded if he hadn't been fanboyish about it. Pick your battles more carefully, this was entirely IGN's fault.

heroprotagonist4989d ago

I fully agree with the IGN crew. Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games of all time. The gameplay, story, characters, and graphics are all top notch. It is one of those rare gems that only come around once in a while, and I wonder how Bioware will be able to top it with Mass Effect 3.