IGN: The Grinder Goes Multiplatform

Last year, HVS flooded the market with details, as well as videos and screenshots in support of The Grinder. However, in recent months, IGN hasn't heard very much about the project. But today they've got some genuine news and some new eye candy.

The developer's president Kerry Ganofsky and chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger reveal in this exclusive interview that The Grinder will no longer be a Wii exclusive -- it's now officially set to debut on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC as well.

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dgroundwater3180d ago

Yeah this seems good. Good for HVS. Now the difficult part is picking which one to buy, HD or Wii. If this turns out to actually be good it should be a hard decision.

sinncross3180d ago

Well, if the PS3 version uses the PS3 Arc, you might as well go for that one as I take it that your choice would be either motion controls or HD?

tunaks13180d ago

the ps3 arc fps controls looked twitchy during the E3 presentation, and its got no analog stick.
Ill stick with IR or Mouse

asdr3wsfas3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Always IR or mouse. Until sony realizes no one wants to one hand palm a dual shock for analog controls screw the arc.

SilentNegotiator3179d ago

Being a more mature title, it will probably sell pretty badly on the Wii anyhow.

DaTruth3179d ago

"the ps3 arc fps controls looked twitchy during the E3 presentation"

Dude, it wasn't even a prototype! More like a thrown together alpha research project!

N4g_null3179d ago

I not sure this is a good idea for them. I guess since ubi and capcom are about to out do them their in panic mode. If they can make more then good for them. They need cash lol.

Yet I hope they are smart midway did some thing like this and died. Now they put them selves in direct competition with the fanboys ut2 and halo reach. This could look ugly. I'm also curious to see how their engine scales. Do they have a team big enough and good enough for hd development. I guess we will see.

They may also be hoping to leverage what they learned on the conduit for the other motion controllers. Yet I have to wonder if they are ready for that audience.

Also they are a small dev and they may get a better publishing deal from this. I hope they do the same with the conduit while keeping the game on the wii also. Because so far the wii mote with motion plus is the best solution.

The last reason is the next nintendo system is coming maybe not soon but now is the time to get ready for it.

The bigger question is will the hd gamers buy it?

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Seferoth753180d ago

Well there goes what little support they had for this game. I guess I can scratch HVS off my list of devs to support.

AEtherbane3180d ago

Its not like they're gona blow off the wii version. they're still making it as a wii game. and logically, they would need to do this eventually, there people, and they need to make money. i will still support HVS for whatever they do.

SinnedNogara3179d ago

They are not trying to blow off the Wii version, they are trying to show what they can do and trying to get the game into more gamer's shelves. Now, most of my friends, my older brother and my cousin can play the game.

dirthurts3179d ago

They're trying to make some money. 350,000 sales, well that's not too great. Maybe for a Wii game. But image what they can scratch together hitting every major platform on the market.
You have to make a profit.

baum3179d ago

Only Nintendo is left XD

N4g_null3179d ago

Sef this is a buisness move and so far I havnt heard HVS talking junk about wii gamers so there really is no reason to get mad. I think they suffer from suda51ism where they ran out of cash to make it better. Now if they doake a good game then you still beable to get it. Yet there is so much competition for them on the wii now they may need the sales of the fps casuals to stay afloat. HVS is a lot better than the guys that made cursed mtn and I'd like them to show us all what they can do.

If it's a good game then you should support it because they may need all the cash they can find.

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SpoonyRedMage3180d ago

The question is can they make the game up to snuff on HD consoles and will the Wii version now have little effort put into it? This could backfire for them.

Meh, I'll jut wait to see what the differences are, might get it on the 360....

dgroundwater3180d ago

I think Xbox LIVE may be a deciding factor for most people sadly. That is if people can point their faces away from MW2 for a second.

SpoonyRedMage3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

aye, but it depends which way they're doing it. Made for the Wii and ported up or made for HD and ported down.

...and despite what they may think The Conduit wasn't well recieved(even though I do like it).

This is a gambe and delaying the game by a year(or so it seems, it was planned for late 2010 for the Wii) to put it on the other systems will probably just hurting them more, especially considering the incoming bomb that is Tournament of Legends, especially considering that the small fanbase they had built on the Wii probably won't be picking it up(see Sef above).

asdr3wsfas3179d ago

"especially considering the incoming bomb that is Tournament of Legends, especially considering that the small fanbase they had built on the Wii probably won't be picking it up(see Sef above)."

screw those guys, they're wasting time on HD n00bstick games and that's why they can't keep Tournament of Legends with wm+. I'll get the games used maybe if they don't suck.

PirateThom3180d ago

HVS suck, I'm still waiting for them to make a worthwhile game.

Eiffel3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Blitz on the PSP was pretty awesome, just throwing in some.

Legionaire20053180d ago

Good news on all console yes!! bad news not wii exclusive equal over shadowed by the 360 and ps3 verison much better than left for dead with and actual storyline possible !! natal and ps3 wand included in the game possible!! shoot even more bad news for wii sad!! first No More Heroes than this game is on 360 and ps3 what next the Conuit part 2 Red steel 2 or 3 better make Wii 2 HD ready with better graphics and physics.

tunaks13180d ago

or make PS4 and Xobx 720 have better fps controls