Hands-On Metro 2033 & MotoGP 09/10


"THQ invited the game media into their Sydney PR rooms recently in order to get their collective hands dirty on 4 of their newest titles due out over the next few months.

The two titles in question are, Metro 2033 and MotoGP 2010, which were my favourites of course, as Lost Planet 2 and Street Fighter IV just were not up my alley, and never have been really. This time our time spent with the games was not in our usual room at Mango's Sydney offices."

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BadCircuit3178d ago

The games sound great. I am not into racing games but Metro sounds different which will hopefully make the game good.

Immortal Kaim3178d ago

Metro looks absolutely awesome. I was completely unaware of it, until I saw a gametrailers vid the other day.

XboxOZ3603178d ago

There's a new trailer due out today, I tried to nab it early this morning, and I mean early, but it wasn't up then. SOon as it is, I'll upload it to the article for Metro. The game is great, and will definitely surprise many.

But there will be some who will complain the game is on console, the thing is, developers need to put their games out on consoles these day, especially if they want a decent return on their investment.

gaminoz3178d ago

Sounds pretty freaky! I wonder if gamers will get to know about this one, or if it will be like Condemned and only attract attention after release and word of mouth...

XboxOZ3603178d ago

I think it will be the latter myself. Sad though, as it's titles like this that make gaming great . .well presented, different storyline, very atmospheric and real to its location. All the signs and posters etc in the game on walls, directions etc are all in Russian or Ukraine, giving the feeling of complete immersion.

I'd rather a game stay try to its location, rather than dub in American or British voice-overs . ..I know some complained about that in 2008 when we showed the first Alpha videos. Ppl need to understand, that games like this need to have the real-feel about them.

gaminoz3178d ago

Totally agree. You can't go to a French town in the old COD games and read English signs...that's stupid.

I also disliked in Assassin's Creed the fact Altair had an American accent...they fixed that for Altair in the PSP Bloodlines game where he at least had an accent and Ezio was well done in AC2.

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