Odion's Opinion: The Future of Game Costs

This week will be a look at the possible evolution of how consumers pay for games.

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Odion4156d ago

Brutal honesty on what you thought of the article would be great guys

ZombieNinjaPanda4156d ago

I have to say I agree with your article Odi, most of what I read at least. The fact that these guys are not getting a bit bugged out about games costing 120 dollars is concerning.

It's to the point now where people don't buy certain games because 60 dollars is too much, and most games aren't even worth the 60 dollars.

Soon if we see 120 dollar games, we'll see many developers shutting down. Smaller developers won't be able to compete, and only EA/Activision/Microsft/Sony/Ni ntendo will be in complete control of all developers.

And regarding DLC, eh. I don't buy it, so I cannot really comment. I only get DLC if I know it's worth it.

VenGencE9994156d ago

Gotta say I agree with you my friend, and the sad part is I can't believe others are not seeing what's in store for us gamers. They are just sitting back and acting like the signs aren't there or they simply don't care. At least not until it's too late to do anything about it.

Pennywise4156d ago

Brutally - I wasn't going to read it because of the title. But now having read it, I have to completely agree.

Games should of stayed $50.00 a pop. That is a lot of hard earned money from your fans.

Movie prices have gone from(what I remember) $4.00 to $10.00 a ticket. So the inflation is there... I understand why they claim games are now $60.00... but that really hurts their quest to conquer our money with DLC.

I was a HUGE CS fan. Owned a server and ran a clan for 4+ years... Valve(even though they didnt create CS) used to BRING IT. They would always patch it and improve gameplay and balance issues and along the way they would give us a map or two.... They ALWAYS left the door open for user made maps and mods. Sure, they werent the greatest, but look how many maps were user made that actually made it into valves retail packaging. They gave the world to their fanbase. You buy a $50.00 game HL/HL2 and you get this sick MP game CS for free.

Developers need to go back to that. Not telling us about sequels before a game releases... or DLC. UGH!! DLC is fine if it is worth the price. $10 for three maps is an embarrassment... especially considering that the maps usually do not come with any enhanced game modes or changes to the game. I miss gaming on the PC... But I do not miss constant upgrades... Anyways thats for a whole other subject.

Game developers need to push the envelope to earn my $60.00. There are plenty of great games, but I need replay value to seal me into any deal. When you can buy a game like Half life and play the multiplayer for years without worrying about other games it makes you wonder why other devs can't achieve this status in current games.

Odion, in reference to your loyalty to Valve and Blizz - How do you feel about L4D2?? It was a move that is not like Valve at all...

baum4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Who the f*** is "Odion" anyway? What are your credentials? Why is your opinion relevant? Why are you not just another armchair economist? You might or might not make sense, but if I'm gonna read about somebody's opinion on a website I don't frequent, then his opinion better hold some weight.


@pennywise, precisely. A pro-360 mod? really? Are those his credentials? Why should I care then? It's like saying Hip Hop Gamer's opinion on the game industry matters because he's a rapper and a gamer. :/

SnuggleBandit4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

--To odion (not necessarily due to this article, just his history)

"play games, not consoles"

good article though, pretty well written, good points backed by facts.

Pennywise4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Odion is a very Pro-360 mod on N4G, baum.

EDIT: OMG, He isn't?? LOL. You guys make me laugh.

Nineball21124156d ago

Well written... easy to understand... good paragraph structure...


Really good article and I agree with you.

Oh one thing, I noticed that you had several (link) markers in the article, but when I put my mouse over them, nothing happened. I'm assuming there should be a hyperlink to some underlying data/article?

Odion4156d ago

Ya I am going to fix the hyperlink issue, I found some really great stuff and it helps back up my points.

Proxy4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Good read.

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Bnet3434156d ago

Don't really care for game costs for the simple fact that games get cheap quickly or places like Amazon and Buy always have deals (BioShock 2 already $51.99 and hasn't been released yet). DLC has taken a turn for the worse. Unlock codes, holding content intentionally to release right away for money, etc. That sort of sh*t is stupid and I don't buy DLC. You should do an article on how Microsoft charges ridiculous prices for hardrives and wifi adapters. Now that's abuse.

Zhuk4156d ago

An interesting trend in how consumers will pay for games has been pioneered recently by the developers of Natural Selection 2 at Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

They pitched their community the idea for the game, said they needed capital to make it reality and offered the community pre-orders just when production was really beginning to ramp up, offering a $20 version and a $40 version if community members wanted to show their appreciation for the previous game and give them a helping hand. This however is not your normal pre-order as the consumers get access to the alpha, beta, final release and also they get games SDK and all the assets that come with it, which amounts to what traditionally would be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of game assets for a measly $40.

By doing this the developers of NS2 have been able to raise the money required for the game, expand the scope of their game and hire additional staff to help the production process.

Community funded games is something I feel is very interesting and can hold great promise for indie developers into the future.

baum4156d ago

If that ever happens, it'll be pretty niche. I doubt the majority of consumers will be willing to pay in advance just because they appreciate the dev's efforts. Not everyone is *that* hardcore.

If a few hundred thousand gamers organize among the hundreds of millions there are, then it might be possible.

travelguy2k4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

where the average income is considerably less than in the USA. The average price of a game on release is 1100 Pesos (including tax) about 960 pesos not including tax. with the current exchange that is about 80 USD.

I am kind of amused when people say games are not worth $60.00 USD. To go to a movie in the US is about $10.00 for 2+ hours of entertainment (plus overly expensive food). Thats $5.00 an hour (per person), so if a $60.00 game keeps me entertained for 12 hours or more, i feel it was worth it. plus i can always sell the game.

VenGencE9994156d ago

There is nothing amusing about spending 60 bucks only to find out it's a crap game. How many hours of entertainment do you figure to get out of that?

Pennywise4156d ago

IF it keeps you entertained 12 hours.

Example - AAA reviews of AC1. Bought it day one. Played for 4 hours. HATED IT. Never to play again. $15.00 an hour to find out it was a repetitive piece of crap. GG

Same with GTA4.

Cernunnos4156d ago

I agree, but on another hand. Some of todays games costs 20-80 million dollars to develop! That is also a huge problem.

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