Alien vs Predator PC demo a console port?

The PC demo for AvP arrived a little early, appearing for download via STEAm last night. However, shortly after its release, message boards are rife with complaints. The graphics are horrible, the gameplay is too simple, matchmaking takes too long, etc.

But is the demo just bad or was it a rushed port of the demo being launched simultaneously for consoles?

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lolcatz3176d ago

I was wondering why the PC demo kind of sucked.

LONEWOLF2313176d ago

Man i cant wait to try this out in DX11!
Hopefully ill get my other 5870 before this releases!

tehk1w13176d ago

PC demo sucked. Badly. It'd damn better be a port.

FragGen3175d ago

In the future all PC games will be console ports. :(

Nihilism3176d ago

I don't know what the big deal is, IT WAS A DEMO.

They clearly stated that the demo would not support the highest effects, shaders, textures etc, if they did, it would be a 5 gig demo, and why should the many suffer because of the few DX11 card owners.

It sucks that it gave a bad impression, but all the complains are about lack of dedicated servers, and graphics, those things will be fixed in the full version.

tehk1w13176d ago

Hopefully they will be. Rebellion doesn't exactly have the best track record these days.

Nihilism3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I get that, but it's not some fantasy, it is a fact that the demo only supported medium settings and that the full game will support DX 10/11 ( including new shaders etc ) and that it will have dedicated servers.

It's just a shame so many will miss out because the demo left a bad taste in their mouthes, the full game is a whole different story

Survival mode is going to be insane

tehk1w13176d ago

Cheers. I'll still be open to checking it out, but I definitely have my reservations now. Waiting for the reviews.