Perfect Dark Zero Map Pack Available

Shooter fans itching for a little more action with Ms. Johanna Dark are in luck; Microsoft's sent out the details on a map pack being released today for Perfect Dark Zero featuring four new areas for players to explore. If you're willing to shell out 500 (the equivalent of $6.25) points, that is.

JPomper6215d ago

'cause it's not. 4 new maps? For 6 bucks? Are you kidding me? These maps should be free, no question. Uhg.

Aflac6215d ago emailed me with news saying the map pack is now available. I spoke to a microsoft representative, and it seems to be a typo, but this this was a june newsletter from meant that was for the map pack to be out sometime in june.

darktangent6215d ago

I thought M$ did not release or endorse content on fridays because of possible bug or glitches that could occur over the weekend.

soul79636215d ago

the Major has just posted on his blog saying that the maps are definatley not out today. sorry

shotty6215d ago

No content on Friday unless it's a special time like E3. The reason is if something does go wrong with a new content and it's released friday then they will have to wait until monday to fix it. They do work on weekends like during the week of E3 but it's too much a hassle.

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