Hour of Victory: Multiplayer trailer

Midway just sent Xboxyde these four images and a long video of the multiplayer mode of Hour of Victory. Will it be enough to make us forget about the terribly average demo?

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nobizlikesnowbiz4135d ago

Not super-impressed. Just looks like CoD 3. Which sucked MP wise.

socalr64135d ago

The demo gave me motion sickness. I hate Unreal 3 engine games now. It plays like GOW with WWII setting and I never got into GOW. BTW your on crack if you think COD3 sucks online. With the newest maps it's the best MP game until COD4 comes out glitches and connections problems for some included.

Rhezin4135d ago

motion sickness? wha the hells tha matter with you huh.

Captain Tuttle4135d ago

They never should have released that was terrible. I'm not very optimistic about this game.

esemce4135d ago

After seeing the COD4 vids this looks as tired and dated as Jimmy Saville trying to moonwalk the London Marathon.

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