Aliens vs. Predator MP Demo Released Early

Though it was revealed today that SEGA planned its release for tomorrow, the Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer demo has been listed on Steam a bit earlier than expected, and is available now for download.


The AvP demo is now available on Xbox Live as well.

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Letros3181d ago

Dloading now, time to take the 5850 for a ride.

Obama3181d ago

I got the same video card as you XD

TheIneffableBob3181d ago

Unfortunately, DX9 only in the demo.

Letros3181d ago

I would have figured the Commander in Chief to be running 2x 5970

Obama3181d ago

sure if you are willing to spare me some CHANGE.

sak5003180d ago

i have Asus EAH5870 havnt used it much except running 3dmark 06 and still no dx 11 games. Maybe bf3 will put me back on pc gaming till then all games i'll get for 360

mal_tez923180d ago

I run every game with max settings and always get 60+ FPS with no slowdown.

dirthurts3180d ago

It's a shame no DX11 on the demo, but that just means we get more of a treat when the actual game is realease. : )

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Bathyj3181d ago

Does everything have to Multiplayer?

I was so looking forward to this demo dammit.

Letros3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

says multiplayer demo on the steam description

edit-err, i misread your post, thought you asked "does it even have multiplayer" sorry lol

vickers5003181d ago

Does everything have to have single player?

Bathyj3181d ago

You used your one bubble for that?

How can anyone value your imput, when you yourself dont?

Nikuma3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The big selling point of AvP is the multiplayer so it's pretty common sense to have a MP demo.


Bathyj3180d ago

My point was, every shooter gets a MP demo or a beta.

Some of us still like SP games. Story, characters, set pieces.

Its not too much to ask for a SP demo now and then, especially when such a rich licence, based on movies filled with tension and atmosphere.

But MP wins out everytime because we need more deathmatch, deathmatch, CTF, deathmatch.

JBaby3433180d ago

Can we please have more SP demos? MP to me is just bonus in a game after I beat it. With the exception of Warhawk of course.

P.S. It's pretty obvious why vickers only has one bubble.

dirthurts3180d ago

It's the first thing I play. I love a good story, the massive environments, exploring, boss battles, etc.
While multiplayer is nice to have, as it extends the replay value of a game to great extent I just love my single player. I too wish more games included it. I guess maybe the download sizes are getting too big for SP.

steve30x3180d ago

@2.2 Where are you getting the idea that everything has single player? Theres a lot of MMO games coming out soon. I myself rather single player games but thats the way I am

DeathMetal3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Considering I just got it off steam and there is no one to play with

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mrbillybadass3181d ago

also the demo is only dx9, whereas the full game is dont wry pc gamers...also final game is a 18 player limit...10 more than the demo

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The story is too old to be commented.